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Powerpuff girls mayors assistant, Dancer mayor assistant up friend for Powerpuff

The Powerpuff Girls is typically thought of as an all-ages show, but it certainly didn't start off that way. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were first conceived of by animator Craig McCracken while he was a student at CalArts, but in their original incarnation, Chemical X was nowhere to be seen.

Powerpuff Girls Mayors Assistant

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Bellum, or any other people i know tell me video or it's not real. Usually beside Mayor, Ms. Bellum is his deputy and the "brains" of his operations. Such as telling them to "be nice" to The Rowdyruff Boys when all else failed.

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The mayor of Townsville wears a trademark hat, monocle, and huge bushy mustache, and is referred to only as "Mayor" even campaigning with the slogan "vote for Mayor for Mayor". He is neither bright nor matureand relies heavily on his secretary and personal assistant, Ms.

Sara Bellum, to do the real work around the place. The Mayor seems to have his job only because no one bothers to run against him ; The Narrator once refers to him as "The Pity of Townsville. Bellum is the mayor's much-more-competent personal assistant, helping him out with whatever he can't handle on his own i. She's tall and has long, bushy red hair, but her face has never been shown—it's always blocked by the top of the frame, a conveniently-placed obstacle, or something like that. As one can readily deduce, the Talking Dog is a canine resident of Townsville who has the inexplicable ability to speak English.

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The series' enthusiastic narrator is never seen at any point in the series, though he is a person and not just a disembodied voice—for example, in "Monkey See, Doggie Do", he's turned into a dog along with the rest of Townsville, and in "Simian Says", Mojo Jojo kidnaps him and takes his place as the narrator. As the narrator, he, of course, has the ability to break the fourth wall.

The kindergarten teacher of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. She is patient, understanding and very protective of her students, making her a well-liked, motherly figure. A shy boy in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten who creates an imaginary friend called Patches. Unfortunately, Patches causes a lot of mischief.

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A fourth Powerpuff Girl the trio create in "Twisted Sister". Unfortunately, she causes more harm than good. She's, well, the Mayor's wife. The Mayor doesn't seem to like her very much. Community Showcase More.

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Get Known if you don't have an. The Mayor of Townsvile. Voiced by : Jim Cummings What a Cartoon! Mayor : " Or it could be there's an ice cream truck on fire somewhere.

Have a nice day, girls! The Girls : [ Beat ] [Fly off to the location].

No one wears my hat! Fuzzy : [ Looking frightened ]. Mayor : The freezing point of water is thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit, while the boiling point is two hundred twelve degrees.

Cut to the girls, greatly surprised, and pan back to him as he continues. Two hundred twelve degrees west of the Greenwich Mean Time on the longitudinal axis, by thirty-two degrees north of the equator on the latitudinal axis, maps a specific point on the globe, that point being right here in the city of Townsville, the intersection of Lincoln and Main, to be exact. Pause; he continues in his normal manner of speaking.

Mayor : Are you surprised at my tears, Girls? Strong men also cry. Strong men Sara Bellum.

Sarah bellum

He should be using his own superpowers to save the city. Talking Dog. Talking Dog : sitting in a car at the center of a traffic jam : "Well, I might be able to talk, but I sure as heck can't drive! The Narrator. Miss Keane. Voiced by : Jennifer Hale. Mitch Mitchelson. Voiced by : Tom Kenny. Elmer Sglue.

Mayor of townsville assistant

Voiced by : Dee Bradley Baker. Stan and Sandra Practice. Stan is Voiced by : Daran Norris. Robin Snyder. Mike Believe.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

Voiced by : Christine Cavanaugh. Narrator: sobbing "Oh, it's so sad—I can't take it! The Mayor's Wife. Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker. Harry Pitt.

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A dirty, unkempt classmate of the girls at Pokey Oak, who is said to have cooties. Abhorrent Admirer : Harry serves as this to the girls, due to his unkempt appearance and that he has cooties. Ends up being averted after it is revealed that cooties aren't real, to which the girls develop a crush on him before covering his face with lipstick marks. Affectionate Nickname : Before they kiss him, the girls call Harry a "cutie", which is a pun on the word cootie.

Anti-Villain : He just wanted to kiss the girls with no real malicious intent, but Mojo uses him purely for evil. His one desire was to receive some form of affection from a female. In the end, he gets his wish when the girls actually decide to kiss him all over the face after realizing cooties aren't real. Chick Magnet : When it is revealed that he doesn't have cooties, the three girls quickly come to think that he is kind of cute.

Seconds later, his face is shown to be covered in red lipstick marks. Covered in Kisses Upon the revelation that cooties aren't real, Harry finds himself pinned down and kissed all over the face by the girls, leaving him covered in red lipstick. The Dreaded : Harry is feared by his classmates at Pokey Oak for having cooties, though it was only for one episode. Earn Your Happy Ending : After being shunned by his classmates for being a cootie freak, Harry finally is shown affection when the girls kiss him all over the face after learning that cooties don't exist.

Easily Forgiven : The girls show absolutely no hostility towards Harry once it is revealed he doesn't have cooties and give him a big smooching, ignoring the fact that he essentially helped Mojo terrorize the city. Forceful Kiss : He spends most of his episode teasing the girls with kisses. When he is dropped into a pit with them, he chases them with the intent to kiss the first girl he gets.

Blossom ends up cornered by him, and he then plants a kiss on her cheek, much to her horror. And in an interesting twist, so do the boys.

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Not only does it make the girls realize that cooties aren't real, it makes the girls think that Harry is actually kind of cute. Seconds later, Harry's face is covered in red lipstick marks. Irony : The girls spend the entire episode afraid of getting kissed by Harry, only winding up kissing him in the end.

Karma Houdini : After almost helping Mojo take over Townsville, Harry avoids any punishment for his actions, and is kissed by the girls. The Pig-Pen : Why the girls are disgusted by him. He's incredibly filthy, which they believe is why he has cooties. Ironically, when the girls learn that cooties aren't real, they end up kissing Harry despite his dirty appearance.

Punny Name : His name is Harry Pitts is a pun on the term "hairy pits" Sadist : Harry did seem to enjoy scaring the girls during the heists. At one point, he playfully winks at them just to scare them away. Smooch of Victory : He manages to land a kiss on Blossom when Mojo traps him and the girls in the pit. Harry is then subjected to this by the girls, upon the revelation that he doesn't have cooties.

Stalker with a Crush ; Despite seemingly targeting all the females at school, Harry takes a particular interest in the Powerpuff girls when Mojo uses him to scare them off. While never said, he possibly likes Blossom out of the girls, as he specifically targets he when the three girls are in the pit with him. Villainous Crush : Harry is implied to have one on Blossom, as he primarily targets her when the girls are in the pit with him and succeeds in kissing her on the cheek.

It's worth mentioning that when the girls kiss him repeatedly in the end, Blossom is shown to be doing a majority of the kissing based on how she is positioned in the shot. This suggests that she herself developed a little crush on him, too, even if for one episode. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?