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Pretty brunette actresses, Pretty girl brunette men for actress

Lily moved with her mother to LA at the age of five, after Soundtrack Hannah Montana.

Pretty Brunette Actresses

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Nina Dobrev. Jessica Alba. Gal Gadot.

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There are a fair few sexy, dark haired women in the film industry but have you ever stopped to consider which of them are the most desirable to men? Vanessa Hudgens, now 30, is a cutie who was born in California. Her striking features means she looks hot as hell all the time. Gal Gadot, aged 33, was born in Israel.

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She has the full package going on and is likely the envy of many a woman across the globe. Mila Kunis is now 35 and was born in the Ukraine.

Known for being one of the hottest brunette actresses in Hollywood, she can also be found in our top 10 sexiest actresses list. Megan Fox is one of the sexiest brunette actresses in the world. She was born in Tennessee and is now 32 years of age.

Fox has been voted hottest woman alive for a of years. Kate Beckinsale was born in London and is a sexy dark haired actress.

Most beautiful younger dark haired actresses

What can we say about Beckinsale? She also takes top spot on our list of over 40s sexiest actresses. Jessica Alba is You can find her on our list of the richest actors in hollywood. Ranked 7th on our list is Eva Green, now 38, who was born in France. With her dark hair, fair skin and blue eyes — she is ridiculously sexy. Olivia Wilde is now She has long, dark hair and gorgeous eyes. We bet she has the power to get any man to do anything she wants. Natalie Portman is a highly desirable brunette who is now Born in California, she started acting young and has become one of the best American actresses there is.

Also on our list of sexiest brunette actresses is Kristen Stewart, now She appears confident in her own skin too, which only adds to her appeal. Ranked at 11th is Jessica Biel who is 36 years of age. Biel is the envy of women globally. She has a killer body to start with, full lips and a dazzling Hollywood smile. Angelina Jolie has now turned Smith, Wanted and Salt. No list of stunners would be complete without Jolie. The next sexy dark haired brunette on our list of hottest brunette actresses is Penelope Cruz.

80 beautiful brunette actresses

This Spanish beauty is now 44 and is known as a sex symbol world wide. Eva Mendes is 44 and was born in Miami. She has a sultry and exotic look and the power to seduce, making her appealing to any man with a pulse. Evangeline Lilly is now 39 and was born in Alberta, Canada. Cobie Smulders is 36 and was born in British Columbia.

Find the sexiest brunette in hollywood.

Still, she gives us gorgeous brunette hair, striking eyes and a well looked after body. At 48, she overshadows women half her age what with her perfectly formed features and gorgeous, curvaceous figure. You can find her in The Mummy, Disobedience and Constantine.

Keira Knightley was born in London and is now 33 years of age.

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Along with model looks, Knightley has smile that could charm any man. She should take care around the weight loss, mind. Another that looks actress with a bit of meat on her. Emilia Clarke is known for being blonde when in character. Now 32 and born in London, Clarke is best known for her role in Game of Thrones. Emily Blunt is 35 and was born in London, United Kingdom.

Blunt is stunning and has perfect features including blue-grey eyes and full, naturally pouty lips. Phoebe Tonkin is Sydney born and is 29 years of age. Michelle Monaghan was born in New York and is ranked 23nd on the list. She pretty takes care of herself and has a tidy body. Selena Gomez was born in Texas and is now Next on our list of sexiest brunette actresses is California born Zooey Deschanel One of the oldest ladies on list is Jennifer Connelly who is now She can charm anyone with her flawless skin, cat shaped eyes and gorgeous figure.

Camilla Belle is 32 and was born in California. This girl is ridiculously beautiful. Anne Hathaway 36 is a stunning brunette actress who was born in New York.

Her big brown eyes and long brunette hair are capable of disabling any man in her way. New York born Liv Tyler, now 41 is a well known beauty. She has big, blue eyes against deep, dark hair and is capable of turning any man into a quivering mess. Rachel Bilson 37 was born in California.

Kat Denning 32 was born in Pennsylvania. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. Share on linkedin. Find the sexiest Brunette in Hollywood.

Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens, now 30, is a cutie who was born in California. Related finds. Will Smith Net Worth Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth Mark Wahlberg Net Worth Top 20 Richest Actors in Hollywood.