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Pro wrestling nexus, Aesthetically wrestling look up boy Pro nexus

Now we are in a new year, and, while I have the chance to look back on things, I do not believe the Nexus dominated. We are only a few days into the new year and the Nexus has already changed their leader to CM Punk and Wade Barrett out of the group.

Pro Wrestling Nexus

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Publisher: Publisher Listed Programs. Submit Date: Write A Review. Unlike some match simulators which generate the happenings of a match in a text file, Pro Wrestling Nexus provides an interface which allows you to watch the match play-by-play.

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I am pleased to announce that I am finally finished with my wrestling simulation game and it is available to download on my website.

GLRaven 31 posts. Ollie 6 posts.

I must say the presentation is fantastic, it looks very, very good and you've clearly gone to a lot of work at making it look the part. The problem is, there's not much 'playing' to do. I mean, if it was more in the vein of Wrestling Spirit where you got to choose the moves and actually wrestle the match there'd probably be a lot more to do in it.

Essentially, it's just a 'pick two guys and the computer does everything else'. Yeah, as I stated on my site, it's basically a computer version of an old card game that I created in It's a booking sim of sorts. As for more interactive games, those are coming. I just wanted to remake this old game first before I started working on some of the other ideas that I had.

I like it, I really do. It looks extremely professional and there's nowt wrong with how it plays, it's just a bit one-dimensional. Not that it doesnt look good, because it does, and you're probably the first person Ive ever seen create a topic about a self made wrestling sim, and actually give people a game to play instead of hyping it for months before dropping the project.

It looks so professional right now and has all the right tools for future progression. I like it. The presentation is excellent, the roster is fairly extensive and it plays out reasonably well. On the whole a very well made Wrestling Simulator.

Sure it doesn't have a lot of depth but it's good for what it is a wrestling simulator. Congratulations on a well made project, I look forward to seeing any of your future works. I'm slowly becoming addicted to this. It's just really simple, and aesthetically pleasing enough to make me want to carry on clicking continue.

Have downloaded this now, and due to being old and boring I have to iron some bits 'n' pieces for work tomorrow, but will give it a run though tomorrow evening and let you know what I think. Well, I'll be. I never thought I would see something like this ever pop up again, I used to be a regular back at PWSE back in the day. But anyways.

Wwe working on a documentary about the nexus

I am surprised, quite so considering the amount of people that come around saying they're going to make something that will "beat EWR" and here it is, the first that I have heard of it. You've built something that is professional looking, easy to play and I would dare to say.

I would certainly like to see what comes out of it. I've been yearning for something that is newer, fixed up Pro not exactly as complicated as the TEW series. I too prefer the old EWR over TEW, not because it's free, but because it is more simple and to the point, but at the same time could use improving.

A wrestling sim like EWR is definitely something that I would like to take a stab at down the road, but I am just going to take everything one step at a time. This stuff is really great. Not much of a game, because the player doesn't do much, but as a simulation - perfect! Also, as everybody else, I nexus that it looks awesome - professionalism at its best.

Through total boredom and a mild addiction for this game, I just ran a huge 32 man tournament.

No recovery: to strengthen nexus, wwe writers destroy summerslam

It was good fun. It's a great little program that works wonders as a building block, because the amount of ways you could take this project is endless. Thanks for the feedback guys. Just to let you all know I know there are limitations and likely for a reason, this is just a want thing really. Ohh, and do you have the template for the picture backgrounds?

I currently don't have it to where you can change the frequency of a move as you said, but the order that the moves are in determine how much they are used. The first move listed for example will be used more than the last move. This seems interesting from all the posts but everytime I download it, it get's halfway through and stops downloading and says there has been an error!

Thanks mate Y But only if it's no hassle, it could just be my computer so I'll try sort it out and save you the time. This game is great! I love it. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your.

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That is remarkably professional! The sound effects are quite a nice touch as well. Ruki Returns 5, Posted March 22, For a simulation it is cool, but as a game? Ollie 11, Posted March 22, Kudos though, you clearly have a very good knack for programming. Think it could be a great starting point for future tweaking and whatnot, though.

Pro wrestling nexus: complete [wrestling simulator]

TCO 5, Posted March 22, Good luck. Yeah i got it Posted March 22, edited. Edited March 22, by Jimmy 'Equinox' Olliesen. From the above comments though I'm quite looking forward to seeing what its like. You certainly have the skill, great fun! Great job with this one, man. I like it a lot.