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Ragyo and satsuki, Hostess Ragyo hunt and men satsuki relationship

Instead, the series focuses on the objective sexuality of the characters, or the ways people perceive them sexually, for just about every other purpose. In using sex for every purpose except sex, it demonstrates that sexuality is about much more than intimate relationships, that it affects every aspect of our lives in one way or another.

Ragyo And Satsuki

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Satsuki Kiryuin was one of the main characters in the Kill La Kill anime. She was introduced as its most powerful individual and the villainous counterpart to Ryuko Matoiwith their rivalry being the center focus to the first half of the series. Though Satsuki has taken actions to prove herself as and would ultimately be redeemed to become a hero at the end of the story, it may be difficult for some to excuse her villainous actions in achieving these ends. By comparing her most noble deeds with her worst, we can appropriately gauge the woman's morality - or lack thereof. In pursuing her mother's ends, Satsuki would not remain complacent as the leader of Honnoji Academy. She mustered her forces and marched on other schools, dominating them in spite of their clearly inferior ability to defend themselves.

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We all know Ragyo is evil, but there is one thing she continually does that makes us all cringe. She is VERY touchy with her children. The reason for this like everything else she does is because of the Life Fibers in her body. Life Fibers are extraterrestrial parasites, and what do parasites do?

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They invade the host and feed off of it. However, as brought out in episode 16, they cannot feed off of their hosts internally, they must be worn by the host. Ragyo is more Life Fibers than human, and she has these parasitic characteristics.

In the beginning of episode 21, we see them lying down with each other, naked. This incestuous behavior is meant to make the viewer disgusted at what is happening.

Then, when Ryuko is being worn by Junketsu, she kisses Nui. Just a few minutes ago, she was trying her hardest to KILL Nui, so kissing her is meant to show the audience just how far gone Ryuko is. She had NO control whatsoever.

Life Fibers are nasty things. They invade a planet, raise a species until it is well suited for them, then they consume the entire species and planet. Anyone who become slaves to them are doomed to behave the same way. Ryuko proved she was strong enough to resist, but Ragyo has relished in it for decades. She allows the Life Fibers to rule over her, and she has become a vile person as a result. Carrie played the game for the first time and answered some fan questions. Stream is available to watch on Twitch:.

We are being blessed with an alternative storyline where Satsuki is the main protagonist. The website says that the story will split when Ragyo appears in episode 8 after the Naturals Elections. So, why Ragyo? Did Ragyo figure it out on her own? Why is she in the outfit she wore in episode 17 and 18 in the main storyline?

Why did she choose this moment? Did she decide to do the experiment early? Why is Nui with her? In episode 8, Ryuko was still learning how to wear Senketsu.

How will Ryuko react to meeting them? How does she get the other half of her scissor? Then I remembered the fight between Ryuko and Inamuta. Will Satsuki make the final blow against Ragyo? Will we see flashbacks of her and Soichiro? I know all my questions will be answered, and I know I will not be disappointed.

Who knows. He was against life fibers, but used them to his advantage. He had his reasons, but his choices have a huge effect on Satsuki and Ryuko both negatively and positively. Soichiro was a brilliant scientist, and Ragyo somehow got him to marry her. Maybe she charmed him with the idea of him being able to push the boundaries of science and having the freedom to do so. He never anticipated using his own children as test subjects, but let it happen anyways.

Losing his child and having his wife throw her away made him snap. From that day on, he would be an opposed to Ragyo and Life Fibers.

Soichiro most likely found out a bit later that Ryuko survived. He knew she would groom Ryuko to be just like her, so he hid her and began to raise her in secret. A few years later, he finishes Junketsu for Satsuki. He also knew that Ragyo was going to have him killed soon, so he turned to his eldest daughter.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He gives her Bakuzan and introduces her to Junketsu. She would never be corrupted by her mother or Life Fibers, even without him in the picture. When the time comes, he fakes his death and leaves Satsuki to be raised by Ragyo, but under the watchful eye of Soroi. He has to watch Satsuki grow up from the outside. Soichiro changes his identity to Isshin Matoi, an elderly scientist. His true goal was to stop Life Fibers and Ragyo by using Ryuko.

He starts off by making money off of his inventions. He, then, spre the word about Life Fibers and the Kiryuin clan. As a result, he gains a following and Nudest Beach is founded.

He sends her away to boarding school and focuses on his work. Ryuko becomes a troublemaker. Kinue Kinagase is a casualty of his research, but he presses on until he figures it out.

Senketsu would be different from Junketsu. He would have human emotions and protect Ryuko, not consume her. He knows that Ragyo would soon figure out what he was up to, so he sends Ryuko a letter saying he wanted to talk, but Nui kills him before he gets the chance. All he could do was give her the scissor blade and the motivation to seek the truth. Satsuki never forgot that last conversation with her father.

Not only that, but she had to avenge her father and sister. For thirteen years, she planned how she would take Ragyo out. Pleasing Ragyo but also plotting her assassination. She no doubt grew up fantasizing about what things would be like if her sister and father were still alive, and that gave her even more motivation to have her revenge.

As the time came closer, her began to perfect her plans. However, Ryuko shows up and turns everything upside down. Little did they know, they were after the same thing. After it is revealed that Ryuko are Satsuki and, both are understandably shocked.

Both of their lives had been satsuki lie and had no idea how to react.

Satsuki is left to meditate about everything by hanging in a cage. She surely thought a lot about her father and how he lied to her. She probably felt betrayed, but she also might have felt guilty for toying with Ryuko by dangling the truth in front of her. It only strengthens her resolve.

Ryuko loses it and goes on a ram. It backfires and she is forced to wear Junketsu. Just as Soichiro feared, it controls her. Isshin was never a showed his affection for Ryuko, so the fantasy of her and Ragyo is more than enough to fill her with happiness. With the help of those who care about her, she breaks free. Satsuki and Ryuko make up and their bond grows stronger.

Ryuko was a weapon, but one who would fight for everything she held dear. Isshin knew what she was capable of, and knew if she were to be discovered by Ragyo at an impressionable age, the Earth would be doomed.

So as cold as it was, sending her away was the best way to protect her. If she hated him, then so be it.