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As you might have gathered by now, Hideo Kojima's fond of an 80s track or two, and there are plenty of these tunes to add to your collection as you play through Phantom Pain. In order to increase your repertoire of available tunes, you'll need to seek out the many music tapes sprinkled here and there.

Rebel Yell Mgsv

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Cassette Tapes are secret collectibles found in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain that can be located through various means, and offer everything from important intel, background story, and music to listen to while you play. MGS 5 tapes can be found in a variety of hidden locations throughout Metal Gear 5. Music Tapes can be set on your Walkman to play while you are driving around or even sneaking, and you can also set your Helicopter to blare music when you land or are extracted out of an area. Find a Tape? Need a Tape?

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There was no Spotify, no iTunes, no Pandora - instead, you had to get in your helicopter, fly out to a bunch of different outposts and encampments, and steal a cassette tape from some unsuspecting soldiers' boombox.

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They can be a bit tricky to find, though, but luckily you've stumbled across this guide. One of MGS5's goofiest surprises is the inclusion of several d tracks, each one strewn about its two open environments. Not only can you listen to them as you're riding around on D-Horse or infiltrating enemy bases, but you can also blare them on your helicopter's speaker system.

Want to ride into battle while blasting Europe's 'The Final Countdown'? Of course you do! Read on, and you'll be on your way to collecting them all. Quick note: These cassettes are listed in the order they appear on your iDroid after you collect them. And if you have the PC version, you can use whatever song you want by dragging MP3s to the game's 'CustomSoundtrack' folder, so go nuts.

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We also have the following guides:. There are a collection of buildings on the east side of the airport. This late disco-era hit is playing in the southern half of the two story building on the second floor. Good for the helicopter? This dance floor filler may not exactly inspire fear in your enemies, but it's catchy as hell, and it'll definitely get you pumped for your excursions into the field. This will probably be one of the first cassettes you find, as you'll likely come across it naturally during 'A Hero's Way'.

In case you missed it, it's located on the first floor of the main building in the center of the encampment. Another poppy hit that'll get you singing along in no time.

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Good thing enemy guards can't hear you shouting 'woooah', or you'd be screwed. Billy Idol may not be as 'edgy' as his persona makes him out to be, but this is a hell of a song.

The intro kicks off immediately, and by the time your chopper drops you off, you're already pumping your fist. This one's a little tricky to find, mainly because the village is so big. But you're looking for a single hut on the southernmost part of the village.

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It's inside on a cabinet in the corner right when you walk in. Just keep your ears open for that instantly recognizable synth melody. This is quite possibly one of the best helicopter songs on this list. That brassy synth intro will immediately strike fear into your foes' hearts. The main base is separated into two halves, with a heliport in the middle. This cassette is located on the first floor of the southern half of the building, on a table next to a window overlooking the anti-air radar.

Don't get me wrong, this is a great song, but personally, I find it a bit too poppy for the helicopter's loudspeakers. If you head inside the ruined palace, you'll find this tune inside a boombox located on a table on the third floor.


And by sometimes, I mean all of the time. Here, you're looking for a building that brushes right up against the anti-air radar. Inside, you'll find some radio equipment, as well as the boombox you're looking for. It's got a great synth intro too, but it's no 'Final Countdown'. My personal favorite song in the collection, you'll find this underground hit in a tent on the east side of the mgsv camp. There are three blue, single-story buildings directly to the northeast, and a yell concrete structure with a '01' on it directly to the southwest.

No, it's probably not the best song on the list to use for your excursions in the field, but damn if I don't love this song. This was my go-to for a while - well, until I found If you look at your map, you'll notice that the main path into the mine goes around a bowl in the center.

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Follow that road all the way around to the southeasternmost part of village that overlooks the gorge in the middle, and you'll see a white building near an anti-air radar. This tune is in one of the rooms of this building.

You wouldn't think a slow jam like 'True' would be a good fit for storming bases, but there's a certain quality to the dissonance that comes from raining hellfire down on an outpost with a gatling gun while the slow, staccato guitar intro fades in. Whoever owns this mansion must be a huge fan of The Cure, because the building is under heavy guard. Work your way into the second floor of the mansion, and you'll find the boombox on a table next to some materials.

For a point of reference, there's some radio equipment in the opposite direction on the same floor. I'd actually never heard this song before playing this game, so I have no real attachment to it.

Song's pretty good, but I don't know if it's helicopter good. This cassette is located on a table under a makeshift ramada in the middle of an encampment directly northwest of the huge mansion in Africa.

Metal gear solid 5 tape locations: how to unlock all music tapes for the full soundtrack

Near the fast-travel point and the anti-air radar on the east side of the oilfield, you'll find a set of buildings. You want the southernmost building, and the boombox will be inside the only room you can enter. I dig the hell out of this song - it launches right out of the gate with some fantastic jangly new wave guitars. Fire it up. This 80's classic is at a guard post to the northeast of Da Wialo Kallai.


Just sneak right up to the tent and snag it. It's certainly a ature 80's song, but it's too quirky for my tastes, especially while I'm riding into battle. On the southernmost tip of the camp, you'll find a tent next to an anti-air radar.

You'll find this catchy tune playing inside the tent. Everyone remembers the tongue twister of a chorus, but the intro to this song has an amazing groove to it.

I used this song for a while, truth be told. Hey, look at you! Your music collection may start out small, but you're already on your way with this Midge Ure cover of the David Bowie classic. Good for the helicopter It's certainly a strange choice, but there's a certain resonance to the dreamlike quality of the intro that makes it a perfect fit for the game.

Metal gear solid v the phantom pain video game tv tropes

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