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Reclining lotus kamasutra, Reclining hunting for lotus kamasutra like whisperyacht

This tantric sex position takes intimacy to a whole new level. Human beings have sex for many reasons. While general desire and horniness are on the menu, of course, sometimes you want something more than instant gratification.

Reclining Lotus Kamasutra

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The reclining lotus position is a unique, penetrator-on-top position that is a variation of the traditional lotus position. To get into this position, the receiving partner first lies on their back with their legs in the lotus position, placing each of their feet on top of the opposite knee, so that they're cross-legged. The penetrating partner can then kneel over their partner for penetration. This position can get very tiring and uncomfortable over a longer period of time.

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You are looking to spice up sex life and try out new poses.

You need pictures of poses and explanation to enact them in real. Sex follows foreplay. In foreplay, there will be times when your partner hits the right nerve and does something you find really pleasurable and exciting, so make damn sure you let him, or her, know.

But when it comes to selecting sex positions, it is mutual understanding and communication that decides the pose you want to try every night. By letting your partner know more about sex poses from healthise — kamasutra sex poses. And that you like what you expect from her or him and plenty more of it!

The woman lies on her back, one leg extended, the other bent up in the Cross sex position. The man sits down with one thigh over her extended thigh and slips her bent leg under his arm. The man relies on his hands to support his weight while sitting legs outstretched in the Deckchair sex position.

With his hands behind him, he leans back bending slightly at the elbows. She lies back on a pillow facing him and pops her feet up onto his shoulders — She can then move her hips forward for penetration.

The man lies between her legs and penetrates from above. Her hands are free to wander or to hold on to her partner.

Again, Olympic standard flexibility is a basic requirement for this Lustful Leg sex position. The couple start approximately shoulder width apart facing each other.

The woman places one leg up onto the bed. The man then bends his knees to bring his shoulder under her leg so she can rest her foot on his shoulder. She puts her arms around his neck so she can lean back and he holds on to her hips as he straightens up slowly to penetrate her.