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Reddit cross dress, I am looking up male that Reddit cross

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I hate feeling this way, I know its wrong but I dont know how to be ok with it. But when the issue first came up I was terrified, not angry but actually scared by the fact he wanted to cross-dress because, even though I know this isnt true, I thought it made him gay or bi-sexual. To clarify, the issue with me and my SO has been completely resolved. He has no interest in it anymore even after I told him it was ok as long as I never ever saw him like that.

How old am I: I'm 18 years old
My orientation: Male
Hair color: Fair
My body type: Quite thin

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Crossdressing : live life!

I've been having a discussion about gender disphoria and other phenomena which get grouped under the heading "transgender" and I've realised I have no understanding of what crossdressers experience. Is it all about the clothes or are you identify as the gender you dress as? How do you think you would feel actually being the other sex?

Would you ever want a sex change? How important is it to you to crossdress is it just something you enjoy or to you feel a need to do so? What does it feel like when you crossdress? Is it full-time or occasional? How do you feel when if you aren't crossdressing? Bonus question: Is there such a such a thing as a female crossdresser?

Ugh, I totally agree. If you get panties that fit keep all your bits inside then they can be extremely comfortable. Crossdresser here. I have no desire to have a sex change and am very happy being a guy. Although, it is very fun to be someone else for an afternoon. When I was younger, it started as more of a sexual thing. I used to only dress to get off. As I've gotten older 33 now I now enjoy it in a different way. Attempting to adopt a more feminine persona with mannerisms, and habits. Developing my own style of dress instead of just throwing on whatever girl clothes I can find.

Checking out fashion blogs and seeing what actual girls are doing and attempting to mimic that. As for importance of dressing, this is definitely a thing.

I think males who cross-dress are creepy and mentally damaged in some way or are not straight. im begging you, cmv

I find myself going crazy if I go more than a week without dressing. It's very much a release for me. I usually pick a night to go all out, usually Friday. I come home from work, take a shower, shave, etc. Spend the next hour getting ready. Once it's all over I relax and it's amazing. When I'm dressed, I like to think of myself as a woman, but it's only temporary. How old were you when "it started as more of a sexual thing? What is your sexual orientation? Have they seen you dressed up?

What do they think about it? Are you a female crossdresser? Do you know female crossdressers?

What differentiates a female crossdresser from a butch woman or a trans man? Not a cross dresser, but skirts are comfy enough to make me consider it.

I walked in on my roommate cross-dressing, and my reaction was not what i expected

Dat freedom. My wife bought me a Utilikilt for my birthday. I am not brave enough to wear it out but when I am working from home I do and it is so comfortable. That glorious airflow. Found the internet! Crossdressers of Reddit, why do you do it? Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Some of the things I like about it: The ritual of getting ready.

Makeup, nails, outfits, etc.

TL;DR duality is fun. Thanks for the detailed answer. Do you go out as a woman or is this something done in private? I hope you don't mind that I keep questioning you. Continue this thread. Bonus answer: yes. I get paid to party. Care to explain? More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts july 7th Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top.