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Sailor moon fanfiction lemon, Fanfiction like seeking moon who sailors lemon

By: efreet Read it damn you and don't skip to the lemon, there is an actual plot

Sailor Moon Fanfiction Lemon

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So, have some fun with this sexting-trope story! Ao3 version here. Mamoru and Confident! Have fun!

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Sailor moon x reader lemon

Instead of a pegasus, the Dream arc would probably have had a fairy, mermaid, or sphinx for him to semi-fall in love with. Usagi and Mamoru have discovered their pasts in the Starlight Tower, but now they seem to be stuck in a timeloop and don't know how to get out of it. A moment later an attendant rushed into the room to see what the commotion was about.

Michiru asked yet again, cradling the man in her arm. Mamoru was an only child and had lived with his parents until the day of his sixth birthday when all three of them had been involved in a car accident, killing the parents, but leaving Mamoru as the sole survivor. Mamoru leaves to study at Harvard, Usagi steps back as Sailor Moon because she is secretly pregnant. In short, though their relationship is on shakier ground in the anime than in the manga, their relationship is totally fine as long as the law is concerned.

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I love Usako. Thursday, April 22, Instead, I got this. You can submit fanfiction, icons, fanart, etc. Chiba Mamoru.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Ami MizunoLast but not least is Ami Mizuno. Usagi was discussing the subject with Minako over tea a month later. Luna looked carefully around the room, making sure Mamoru wasn't hiding under the bed.

Report Save. In this story, Mamoru's still relatively new to his feelings towards Usagi, and is a little scared in expressing himself. Covering the manga, anime, musicals, live-action and crystal versions. Mamoru backed up. Browse through and read mamoru romance fanfiction stories and books. up Log in. At the beginning of the Black Moon Arc, Mamoru starts having nightmares and visions that if he stays with Usagi she would die. While there are quite a few differences between Rei in the anime and the manga, one of the more striking differences between the two is the storyline where Rei and Mamoru briefly dated in the first season of the Sailor Moon anime.

Mamoru grabbed Usagi's hand and then ran out of the room.

Modified slightly from the story on fanfiction. Saved by Natacha Fernandes. Here she brings 5 very important people together but feels like she is being left out of a secret. To this day, SM is in the Top 10 on fanfiction. Usagi grab her keys from her pocket and unlock the car.

Yuri involving the two is strongly encouraged, but any where the main focus is these two is welcomed.

Discover and save! You can find all my Sailor Moon fanfics, here and here!

Usagi and mamoru pregnant fanfiction

Tsukino Usagi. It's not real. Years later, Mamoru comes back to Tokyo to find Usagi working at the Crown and with a daughter. Luna was asleep on the carpet and Artemis was sitting on the table pawing at the end of a placemat in boredom. Alternative Title: Delectable, Inflatable You First Aired: 15th April Mamoru's university peer Saori is an ambitious, intelligent and beautiful woman whom all agree would make a far more suitable girlfriend to Mamoru than Usagi.

While Esmeraude targets the latest craze, promise rings, Usagi has a dream that may explain why Mamoru has been lemon coldly towards her. Summary []. Michiru pointed to her fallen partner on the floor. Mamoru writes an honest, romantic and extremely delicate moon to Usagi, telling her how he perceives her little idiosyncrasies, her laughter, her hair, and the days when she bumps into him.

I'm pregnant but it is not the reason I'm marrying him. As the R break up stretches on with no explanation, Usagi uses the disguise pen to appear as a college student, to try to suss out the truth of why Mamoru keeps insisting they aren't meant to be. Watching Crystal is the first time I feel Usagi and Mamoru's relationship could exist without feeling obligated to each other. Mamoru never breaks up with Usagi. He never has any vision of destruction involving Princess Serenity. Chibiusa doesn't need to hypnotize Usagi's family a second time.

The scene with Usagi walking down the street is cut from the DiC English dub and instead goes straight to Usagi going into the sailor box. Instead of a Sailor Soldier, he'd transform into Tuxedo Little. Usagi hid behind the couch, hoping that whatever robber, murder, or molester of pregnant women, would pass by without noticed the quavering blond buns of fanfiction that were sticking up in view. Minako was right, Usagi loved to play Cupid.

Usagi gave up and put her hands in the air. I will do anything for her sake. In their last battle with the Makaiju, the Moonlight Knight is defeated and returns to Mamoru causing his memories to come back.

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Usagi smiled "I love you Mamoru! Nov 3, Usagi runs into school late again, and crashes into Umino just as she is about to enter the classroom. Emiko Hayashi has been through a lot in her present and past life and it only gets weirder when she transfers to a school in Japan.

Beej88 — fanfic: fields of smut ch 2, sailor moon |

Kenji bellowed to Mamoru. He did, however, constantly have dreams about a mysterious girl begging him to find something called the "Silver Crystal. Alicia Blade. Usagi was not Usagi Tsukino anymore she was now Usagi Chiba. Pregnant 9 "Dear, are you alright?

So, when Fiore reenters his life, Mamoru is torn between his love, Usagi, and his only childhood best friend, Fiore. Mamoru glared and Kenji was about to attack. They hit it off and start to see one another, all without the reveal. Michiru's eyes brightened as Malus slowly came to.

Usagi x Mamoru - Darien x Serena. Kell0x Though Mamoru himself was no stranger to differences between the two mediums, how it is that the cool, mysterious, and boy-hating 1! A retelling of how Usagi and Mamoru get back together after the breakup. Just In. OKAY, so this is a series of long-ish drabbles with Mamoru and Usagi in which Usagi is pregnant with Chibusa and things are smushy and cute because I like things that are smushy and cute.

Usa Pregnant of chibiusa. I tried to write one.

Queen risa — lemon tree chapter 7: tsukink, a sailor moon

Experience Mamoru's pain, Fiore's confusion, and of course, Usagi's passion. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Blog Post.