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Sakura swim club 18, Scot swim looking club friend to Sakura

Follow the story of Kaede, a regular high school student who transfers into a new school and meets Hiromi and Meiko of the swim club. Just lately the swim club is having some problems and Kaede is willing to help. Continue doing so, at least until a title distinguishes itself from the lineage of its predecessors.

Sakura Swim Club 18

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Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. in Register. Two girls are fighting each other, seems that they aren't happy i'm here.

The next day I'm meeting Hiromi outside the school, seems the wind is doing it's part. When I get out of the water because i'm tired, Hiromi checks if i'm alright. The next day Mieko feels like the her swimsuit isn't correct, when I follow her I catch her awkwardly tugging the suit.

Hiromi falls down, getting caught up in the cord of my gaming console. The next day Mieko forgot her bag with clothing, so I went after her to give it to her, not the smartest move.

Getting some home schooling by Mieko at her place. Apparently she likes to get comfortable when studying.

Mieko comes by and tells me of the near death experience of an old friend of hers, who holds Mieko responsible for the event, afterwards I catch her staring out the window. In turn Hiromi tells me the next day of her mother, and that she has cancer. Mieko and Hiromi both declared their love towards me, and are now fighting over me.

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Sex with Mieko in the locker room adult patch. The annual school festival is underway and the girls have a surprise for me since we formed a haremHiromi is showing of her new bathing suit. Hiromi wants to make me feel special adult patch. But things are always a competition between the two, so now it's Mieko's turn. After interrupting Mieko, Hiromi pulls me towards the gym where she has another outfit she wants to show.

Seeking revenge, Mieko interrupts and pulls me to the school roof, making my day. Choice dependant adult patch. The girls decide, if they want to share me, they're going to have to touch each other eventually while making love.

So they decide to give it a go without me. At the swimming finals, I really need to win to convince my dad to let me stay at this school, and to prove i'm not an idiot. First is the match of Hiromi and Mieko, the women's league. They both finish with the exact same time, ending in a draw. After I win, a few months pass by.

It's Christmas and Hiromi put on something special for me. She also said she had a gift for me, it seems she wrapped up Mieko. I get to unwrap and enjoy my present adult patch.

Hiromi patiently waited her turn, but takes full advantage when it is time adult patch.