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Sasuke x sakura kiss, I liked Sasuke lady that sakura chocolate

Naruto is well-known for its action, drama, and intense storylines following the rising ninja Naruto Uzamaki and his friends, Sasuke and Sakura. It is one of the most beloved ninja animes ever to exist.

Sasuke X Sakura Kiss

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Naruto followers spent years rooting for his or her favourite romancesand lo of them got here to move by the point Boruto got here round. The sequel sequence confirmed Naruto married Hinata after the heiress pined after the blonde ninja for years. Sakura did spend years infatuated with Sasuke, so followers may give her a break when she must steal a kiss. Now, a brand new spin-off novel for Naruto has damaged down a quite epic scene starring the couple, and it sees Sakura lay a fats kiss on her husband.

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NarutoCrypt posted over a year ago.

What episode does Naruto and Sasuke kiss each other? Why did Naruto kiss Sasuke? Answer 1 of 5 : It was an accident, but want to know something really interesting?

When asked what Naruto tasted like when they kissed. Sasuke remembers exactly what Naruto …. Hot Film QD. I remember our every kissand each of them, just remembering them, it makes me feel…" Sasuke drew their faces closer. YouTube Elitoss.

YouTube ImmaUzumaki. YouTube Leaf Village.

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YouTube Emidesilo Ibokig. YouTube cookiemonsterXD.

The second kiss Naruto and Sasuke. YouTube naruto best funny moments. Sasuke and Naruto's second kiss, Sakura shocked because Naruto Sasuke went to the bathroom together. YouTube yesenia barboza. Sasuke kisses Naruto. YouTube BrokenWingsPro.

Sasusaku: oneshots 💕💕💕

See all. Click to view on Bing. Author: dr dangerS. Images of Naruto and Sasuke Kiss bing. In which episode kissed Naruto and Sasuke? In what episode of the series did Naruto and Sasuke People also ask. What's the name of the episode where Naruto and Sasuke Kiss?

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Why did Naruto Kiss Sasuke in Shippuden episode ? Episode 3 of Naruto: When Naruto was giving Sasuke the death stare, he was squatting on the bench and this guy who's sitting in front accidentally bumps into Naruto, pushing him onto Sasuke and BAM! They kiss. Their second kiss.

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Episode of Naruto Shippuden: It was in a filler episode from the Past arc. When does Sasuke and Sakura kiss episode ? Watch fullscreen. It was true love.

Nothing more nothing less. Because a random kid pushed Naruto into Sasuke and they happened to be staring intensely at one another. Well ahm. They actually kissed three times, always saying it was an accident.

Shippuden ep. It was an accident, but want to know something really interesting? When ask In fact they have done it twice, I thin Yeah, Naruto attempted to challenge Sasuke on the first day of school back in at the ninja academy for Sakura and was accidentally bumped into by S Mainly for a few I am actually suprised from few answer where people actually believes she will marry Sasuke if he killed Naruto.

I know people like to shit on Saku From most of the answers here I see that many people have not paid much attention to what happened in the war or are just mistaken. To begin with w Yes, he obviously does.

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And he admits them out loud in chap. If you are asking about the actual extent of those felin Has Sasuke ever kiss Sakura? User Interaction Count: 15K.

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