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Schools with the hottest girls, Elite hottest school with to the

So it's time to pick a college.

Schools With The Hottest Girls

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Also written by Celina Pelaez. It controls almost every decision we make. Will gorgeous girls be there? At these ten colleges, the answer is yes. But being hot goes beyond just looks.

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And for those who come from smaller towns, it could prove to be an eye-opening experience. However, there are some students that have it better than others because they happen to stumble onto one of the more beautiful campuses in the country. No one can deny it. Some schools just bring it better than the rest. That seems to especially be the case for schools that are in locations with perfect weather year-round.

If you happened to choose one of those schools for your post-secondary education, then you are in luck. Which schools have the hottest COEDs in the country? You may not expect East Carolina University to deliver, and they may be one of the surprises on the list, but when it all comes down to it they check a lot of the boxes. Now this one is really a surprise.

One word: basketball.

The Wildcats have one of the best college basketball programs in the country so you will get plenty of girls hoping to cheer on the Wildcats in their pursuit of a national title. Chicks dig winners. Oh, the Vols. Sure, their football program may be underwhelming over the past few years, but the school still has a mass appeal. And hey, they are in the SEC which automatically is a draw for beautiful women.

Add in its close proximity to Nashville and you could have your fair share of country music star hopefuls settling in Knoxville while they look for their big break.

Top 10 campuses with the hottest college girls - college

Remember when we said that chicks dig winners? Well, Clemson recently won a national championship in college football and has been a perennial playoff contender. Athens is one of the best college towns in America.

That alone attracts plenty of people from across the country to the small town outside of Atlanta. As we mentioned before, Nashville is a goldmine for attractive women.

Check out ten ways to impress that hottie you've got your eye on.

Commodore School Colors Black and Gold. The school may not rank as high as some of its in-state counterparts, but you still get plenty of that southern, Texas charm when you step on campus. It should come as no surprise that a school in Florida has plenty of beautiful women strolling around.

And with that Florida weather, you know you can head on over to Clearwater Beach or St. Pete Beach to enjoy it all even more. Baton Rouge, baby. LSU has a beautiful campus and the women to match.

The top 10 colleges with the hottest student bodies, ranked

Add in an incredible party scene and this is one of the few colleges in the country where everything comes together to give you the true college experience — outside of the classroom, that is. And if you feel like heading a couple of hours southeast, you find yourself in the heart of New Orleans. Mardi Gras, anyone?

There are still a handful of Florida schools that may top the Gators on the list, but there is nothing to be ashamed of if you attend UF. In fact, just enjoy it. Plus, who knows, if you get lucky enough you may end up linking up with a future movie or music star.

Dream big, after all, you are in L. TCU has hot women, great sports, and great academics. What is there not to like about the school? They may not be the Longhorns, but hey, being a Horned Frog is pretty awesome, too. It does help that the campus is less than an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean, so there are plenty of opportunities to head to the beach and soak up the sun.

University with the hottest girls​

You knew it was only a matter of time until the University of Texas made the list. We have mentioned time and time again that Texas has some of the most beautiful women in the country and Austin is no exception. With one of the best cheerleading squ in the nation, it would be a major disappointment if the rest of the campus failed to deliver. Ole Miss is the cream of the crop when it comes to girls in the SEC. Perhaps the craziest thing? This may be the only subject that statement or subject that every school in the Southeastern Conference can agree on. We are forever thankful.

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When it comes to the girls in the state of Florida, Miami comes very close to taking the crown. There must be something in the water out there in Boulder, but the girls are always stunning and as a bonus, they are some of the most down to Earth college girls you will ever come across. Sticking with the Pac, we head to the University of Arizona. The sun is always out and that attracts some of the most beautiful COEDs the college world has to offer.

Once you've caught her interest, get her something to show you care.

Just how hot are the girls on the UA campus? Well, Playboy once flew out to Tempe for a special edition of the magazine that showcased girls from the conference.

Does that tell you all that you need to know? When you think of all of the schools in the state of Florida, you may not have UCF immediately come to mind. Fight On! California once again checks in on the list thanks to the Aztecs of San Diego State. There are more than 34, on campus, yet there is a beautiful girl at every turn. For the runner-up, we head to Florida where we check in with Florida State University in Tallahassee.

You can never tune in to a Seminoles football game without a crowd shot sending social media into a frenzy as they try to identify the sexy fan that the cameraman spotted.

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It happens each and every time, and the cameramen know exactly what they are doing. And in case you needed any further convincing that Florida State belongs in the top two: Jenn Sterger. Arizona State is, and always will be, the go-to destination for the most attractive college girls in the country.

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