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Asked by KLWaster. Ok, I finally figured it out whew! Once I disabled those two, Alduin starts fighting properly.

Sexlab Random Attack

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Recently I arrived to Whiterun, and Uthgerd the Unbroken started attacking me, and also a random "Laborer" npc became an enemy.

[skup] skyrim er

My followers killed both. I did a little research on internet and apparently Uthgerd has a bug which makes her aggressive, so I used a couple of command on her and problem fixed. After that, I moved to Riverwood, and as soon as I get there, some random citizens start attacking me, and a moment later, all the guards become hostile. I thought that maybe I killed a chicken with my Gypsy Eyes Caravan, and I got a bounty, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Loading a save game, I go to Whiterun again.

Once I go through the city main doors, a couple of "Hunter" NPC's become hostile these NPC's appeared before inside an inn, also aggressive, I don't know from what mod they come from. A moment later, all the guards become hostile. I don't know what's happening, but everyone seems to be becoming hostile to me randomly.

I am not a vampire, and I don't seem to have any active effect causing that I did resurrect on my character and my followers but the problem persists. Whatever is causing this, it has to be something related to factions, or bounties, or some script making ppl aggressive randomly.

Thank you.

To fix it, I attacked a guard in Whiterun and sheathed my weapon. Then I went to jail and used the bed to skip the sentence. Paying the bounty could work too, but just in case After that the random attacks stopped.

I was only level 2, started in Solitude via Alternate Start, and had just arrived in Whiterun, so couldn't have offended anyone there, and no Bounties anywhere as I hadn't done anything wrong. Odd one, but thanks again for the fix.

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I'll try the fix with the Bounty, but instead of attacking a guard you could also use the Console Commands:. Type "Player.

Those commands worked for me, inspite of the fact all the npc's were attacking me from Riverwood to Helgen. I now refuse to buy anything bethesda makes till it is reviewed and it is a year later after release. Community Forum Software by IP. Board d to: Nexus Mods.

In Create. Please log in to reply. Posted 15 February - AM. MaxShadow09 Fan Members posts.

Random aggression bug

Posted 18 August - PM. Thanks for the edit, just experienced this bug myself. And yes, paying off the bounty fixes it. I have never used Populated Skyrim, so it's not likely that one. Posted 23 January - PM. Misorian Enthusiast Members posts.

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Hi all! Currently I have the same bug, though my game is not that heavily modded! This is my current Load Order: Spoiler 00 Skyrim. Posted 06 May - PM. Grundvigs69 Fan Premium Member posts. It would be nice if Bethesda cleaned up their bugging game engine. Like Angry Joe says: "Bethesda you need a new game engine?


Is IT I am not buying fo76 ever as I can see they are refuseing to fix-IT. Posted 22 September - AM. Thanks guys that solved my problem. Posted 24 December - AM. RhesusPieces Stranger Premium Member 3 posts.

Yes, thanks! Was about to start over. Posted 13 September - AM. JaggerJack Journeyman Members 31 posts. My steps: 1.

All aforementioned NPC where no longer hostile! Reply to quoted posts Clear.

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