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By: Author Jamie. My daughter starts fifth grade in two weeks. I remember when we were walking her to school in Kindergarten, and I saw the fifth graders walking on their own. I promised her when she got to fifth grade, I would let her.

Now, I am not so sure. These are the five things I want my daughter to know before she starts fifth grade.

Follow your gut. Trying to teach you right from wrong, and good from bad. I am not saying your gut is always going to lead you in the right direction sometimes mine is wrong even now, and I am a grown up but your gut should be ready to start guiding you in the right direction, now.

You can be smart and beautiful at the same time. Fifth grade is confusing in a lot of ways, and things can get clique-ish.

Jocks hanging with other jocks nerds hanging with other nerds, etc. But know this— the most successful people in life are the people who can fit into more than one group of people at the same time.

Five things girls need to know before fifth grade

So, be yourself and I bet you will find you have a little bit of everything going on in there. Be nice. I have said this beforeand I will say it again and again, but being nice to others is kind of the cornerstone of being a good person.

This is hard one because I am telling you to be nice, and I am telling you to follow your gut, but I also want you to stand up for yourself. Be strong and remember that you matter. Okay, I know this one is probably already falling on deaf ears, but if you can just take the time to LISTEN to your parents, your teachers, and other grown ups when they have advice to give— they might say something important!

Remember, they were once fifth graders, too. You get more responsibility, and you get to be yourself. S'Mores Fire Shot. Spiked S'Mores Coffee.