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Shane and molly the l word, I'd the searching Shane that and swede

She is played by Clementine Ford, the daughter of actress Cybill Shepherd.

Shane And Molly The L Word

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When we last left offSophie and Dani seemed like they had made reconciled, or at least made peace, while Alice dealt with the heartbreak of the end of her relationship with Nat, as well as the long-lasting grief of losing Dana. She was a wealthy, straight married woman, until the two had an affair and things ended as disastrously as you might imagine.

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Your favorite fictional lesbians and bi women are back with the premiere of The L Word: Generation Q. The L Word was and remains one of the juiciest dramas around, with some of the all-time best sex scenes.

But what exactly have these three best friends been up to this past decade? And most importantly what happened to them after that cliffhanger ending of The L Wordwith Jenny Mia Kirshner found seemingly dead in a pool?

Where we last left her: Things were looking up for Bette. After her longtime partner Tina was offered a job in New York, Bette decided to move in with her, for once putting her personal relationships ahead of her career goals.

She even proposed! But things are never completely happy in this ever-dramatic show. Right before Bette left for New York Jenny confronted her with evidence of her infidelity, threatening to show it to Tina.

Their charged conversation is the last time Jenny was seen alive. She has a daughter she adores, Angie Jordan Hullwho she adopted with her former partner Tina.

Alice pieszecki

And the openly lesbian Bette is dead-set on becoming the Mayor of Los Angeles. But old habits die hard. Her path to the political top is paved by former affairs and new flings. Bette is hiding more than her fair share of secrets in Generation Qand only time will tell if that will help or hinder her from getting what she wants.

The l word: generation q season 2 episode 5 review: family feud

At the end of Season 6, Alice gave her on-again, off-again girlfriend Tasha Rose Rollins an ultimatum. Alice was the first one to discover Jenny dead in the pool. Where she is in Generation Q : Time has been good to Alice. Where we last left her: Oh Shane, what are we ever going to do with you? After Jenny confessed to being in love with her, Shane and Jenny started dating.

And it was a relationship that was destined to fail from the start. But the real nail in this relationship coffin was hammered by Molly Clementine Ford.

Molly gave Jenny a letter addressed to Shane that professed her feelings. But instead of being a good friend Jenny hid the letter and got with Shane instead.

The l word: generation q: blast from the past

Season 6 ended with Shane breaking up with Jenny right before she was found in the pool. Where she is in Generation Q : This reboot is all about new starts for the perpetually chill hair stylist.

After selling her hair empire, Shane returns to LA a little lonelier and a little more bruised than before. Shane is hiding some major relationship secrets, and you better believe a couple of them have to do with Molly.

Relationship information

Her erratic behavior at the end of Season 6 have led some people to believe that her death may have been connected to an overdose or mental illness. Though her friends will always remember her, Jenny is dead. Bette and Tina are currently separated and share custody of their daughter Angie. Where to stream The L Word. Bette Porter Photo: Everett Collection.

Alice Pieszecki Photo: Everett Collection. Played by: Katherine Moennig Where we last left her: Oh Shane, what are we ever going to do with you?

Jenny Schecter Photo: Everett Collection. Tina Kennard Photo: Everett Collection.

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