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Shot show babes, I'm babe for show that Shot hangouts

The term implies a girl who is focusing more on her physical attributes to entice customers rather than her intellect to represent a company.

Shot Show Babes

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Companies in the outdoor industry know how to get our attention. We know, it might seem cheap, but sometimes a head-turning booth babe can make all the difference. As we run frantically around the SHOT Show in our tireless effort to bring you the everything worth a look from the world's largest hunting and shooting trade show, we thought it might be nice to take a break from the new products and admire the scenery.

Years old: 24
Where am I from: American
Orientation: Man
My sex: Girl
My figure type: My body type is quite slim
What is my favourite drink: Tequila

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Warning Close. Confirm Action Are you sure you wish to do this? Confirm Cancel. User Panel. Register? General ยป General Discussion. Next. No one wants to see all these fat old dudes. Fat, old, smelly dudes that need to get next to some soap and deodorant! A year or two ago Taran had some booth babes that made some poorly thought out gun control comments. Quote History.

Where's all the gun calendar babes. Quoted: A year or two ago Taran had some booth babes that made some poorly thought out gun control comments. Quoted: I think she was a sponsored shooter, not la booth babe. All across different industries trade shows, the use of "Booth babes" is in decline. This is partly due to feminist complaints, changing societal attitudes and the potential for ill timed or poorly thought out remarks taken as fact from the eye candy.

Don't get me babe, I don't mind seeing a pretty lady handling firearms, but it also looks kind of trashy. There are a few female company reps who are good looking and shot know their product. That's a better idea than some bimbo muzzle sweeping you. How are all the insta gun bunnies not at SHOT? Alex zedra was there. Viscuzi is like 11 months pregnant.

Quoted: All across different industries trade shows, the use of "Booth babes" is in decline. Haven't been to the shot show in a long time but about 10 years ago I went to the Euro version in Stuttgart, GE at the Messe.

No civilians "loosely" affiliated with the firearms industry though. Just show everyone in there was. MIL in one form or another and LE had to be on some type of list.

The shot show booth babe roundup

I even had a hard time getting a German Polizei buddy in, even with his badge and that I had a ticket for him. He wasn't on "the list". Wasn't there a year when AV awards coincided with shot? So you could get both. Attached File Attached File. Booth bunnying is fun. I love it. Quoted: Booth bunnying is fun. Booth bunnies at SHOT have been less and less frequent over the last several years.

SHOT is an industry trade show. Fuck that. Promoting thottery is degeneracy. No thanks. Sorry, but booth bunnies have been deemed too masculine until further notice. I have been scanning you for the last 15 minutes! I don't know this year. But in 16, 17 and 18, Kalashnikov booth had plenty of slavic Barbies in short dresses and tight leathers and spandex.

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Now, a KAC employee. Who works on QC, management and booth bunny at Shot.

She made the 3 functions on both companies. Personally I'm far to practical for such things. Why anyone, in any industry would try and distract you with hot chicks in a world with porn-hub is beyond me I find a girl that actually enjoys doing something you like attractive, a girl paid to dress up and pretend she does, not so much. I'm not a go to SHOT show guy anyway. I appreciate that there are a lot of internet industry personalities that cover it, but I would not appreciate spending a week there.

I would like to see the video if the Taran Tactical girl stepping on his dick, if anyone has a link. Where are the Gillette girls?

Maybe ten years ago. Today, if the promoters sexed it up, they'd probably get a backlash from the 2 or 3 females in the industry. Aren't the AVN awards happening around the same time? Quoted: Pics of a gorilla as a bunny?

Looking to hire promotional models or brand ambassadors?

It's a glorified gun show. You don't get booth bunnies, you get booth Bubbas.

You mean the douche hipster with the commisar hat showing off a glock mag fed gatling gun was not attractive? The girl at FAB Defenses booth was pretty good! Quoted: Where are the Gillette girls? View Quote View All Quotes. Quoted: Quoted: Booth bunnying is fun. Next year Bimba will be at the Criterion Barrels booth. You're there for the guns, not the wominz, OP. If you want a hooker, call the on the truck driving up and down the strip.

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Hott dumb chics add nothing to the industry. Attractive normal women that are knowledgeable ill take all day. If i go to a product booth i want information. Quoted: Personally I'm far to practical for such things.

Quoted: Hott dumb chics add nothing to the industry. Booth bunnies are not PC. There were more babes walking around on the floor than in the booths.

Booth babes at shot show day 1 (10 pics)

And only Dillon had Calender girls. Quoted: And American Quoted: Where's all the gun calendar babes. At gun shows you could put a wig on a donkey and most of the guys there would stampede over themselves to meet the donkey. View Quote I think she was a sponsored shooter, not la booth babe. View Quote Yuppers. View Quote If they can't answer technical questions, you're better off just having some posters of scantily clad women. View Quote That's his own damn fault for not thoroughly vetting them.

Pretty easy problem to avoid. View Quote And American View Quote Pics of a gorilla as a bunny? View Quote Very true. The local hardware store use to have a Miss Makita Day. Due to the above theyve decided to stop the tradition. The honorable mention is Julie Golob, a cute girl next door, who is a very nice and interesting lady. View Quote This. View Quote replaced by men in drag but they might self identify as girls. Pics of a gorilla as a bunny?

Why did my mind suddenly jump to the thought that this thread may lead to a certain artist drawing a gorilla in a playboy bunny outfit, showing off some guns? Hot and well briefed on the product? At euro and Asian shows, we have body painted dancing girls. There are only so many booth babes to go around.