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Sims 3 homeless mod, Mod look up chica who sims homeless

Post by KaneLives » January 21st,am. Post by brappl » January 21st,am. Post by sittingbear » January 21st,am.

Sims 3 Homeless Mod

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Amanda has been a Simmer fan of "The Sims" games since childhood. To this day she still discovers new ways to play. Part of the fun of The Sims 3 is giving yourself new challenges. Many Simmers find that the richer their Sim is, the duller said Sim is.

Years: I am 19
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Post by kkaizer » July 27th,am. Post by igazor » July 27th,am.

Post by kkaizer » July 27th,pm. Post by igazor » July 27th,pm. Post by littlelambsy » July 27th,pm.

My sims 3 homeless challenge!

Post by sittingbear » July 28th,am. Post by kkaizer » July 28th,pm. Post by sittingbear » July 28th,pm. Post by PwPrntd » January 15th,pm. Log me on automatically each visit.

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Picking traits

Post Reply. Manage homeless Quote Post by kkaizer » July 27th,am Hi. Quote Post by igazor » July 27th,am Both. It will attempt to get rid of some homeless sims that it deems not always correctly as unnecessary, some it will try to move into houses and make residents out of them. I don't like this feature myself and keep it on False, for me it does too many random unexpected things. Others seem to prefer it. Quote Post by kkaizer » July 27th,pm Can i ask you what kind of random things?

Does that mean the homeless sim pool will get bigger and bigger cause I heard the game keeps creating them from time to time for different reasons? Quote Post by igazor » July 27th,pm Things like the ones I just mentioned, removing the homeless or moving them into residences.

Sometimes into an existing residence to an existing household. Homeless sims are volatile. With or without SP managing them, we cannot count on them to stay in our games nor can we count on them to be removed. It's fine to have over Service Sims even in a lightly populated world, these include those who never appear on screen unless their services are called upon and a fair who are there as spares, as well as stray animals and those in the adoption and horse breeding pools. But on the actual Homeless deation, these would include not Service Sims, but rather Showtime street performers, homeless co-workers and bosses to be thought of as commuters from another world taking up these job slotssome Role Sims perhaps or those who look like Role Sims with no proper classification, festival lot workers in between seasons before the new festival gets set up, etc.

Physical appearance

Homeless Non-Service, Type of Role, etc. And we can TA them ourselves if their s get out of hand, or move some of them into houses ourselves if we wish. These are the kinds of player control that I prefer, again others just want them all gone even if new ones are going to keep re-spawning.

Can't really tell which way you are going with this, to be honest. Do you want to preserve as many of your homeless sims as possible or get rid of most of them on an ongoing basis? Either way though, or for something in between, it's entirely doable for us to keep an eye on and manage these things ourselves without SP "helping" in this regard. Quote Post by littlelambsy » July 27th,pm What I find interesting about homeless is some have families.

I moved in a homeless man and found he had a wife and kids, which I also added to the family. I have kept my setting to True, but after reading igazor's reasons, I'm going to change that to False. Quote Post by sittingbear » July 28th,am I have to admit I have soft spot for the homeless and keep them.

How to make a homeless sim in "the sims 3"

Those I really like I end up moving them into a house. With the exception of Moonlight Falls which has 36 pre-made homeless sims I don't think I've seen them get over much more than what was already there but that's my experience others may have a different experience. Quote Post by kkaizer » July 28th,pm I think i do too sittingbear.

I think what I want to do eventually is not losing any of them. Quote Post by sittingbear » July 28th,pm You could do that yes.

Sims 4 homeless cc: clothes, mods & more

But even if you don't they will still age regardless and eventually die and be replaced by some other homeless sim that would be used as a rabbithole co-worker or Role sim. I think the reason I see very few homeless sims get added into town is I either have my sims be self-employed or work part time jobs as those don't require co-workers and I've tuned the minimum co-worker requirements for rabbithole jobs to 1 as it's sometimes difficult for inactive sims to get the minimum co-workers needed to advance their careers or the game may sometimes go overboard to make sure they have the minimum of co-workers needed and bring in to many; but I can't remember if the game has done that as I did that a long time ago.

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