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Skyrim minotaur mod, I'm mod lady Skyrim like erotica

These ferocious men-bull descendants of Morihaus are said to have symbolized the Alessian Empire during the 1st Era, but later became commonly seen as dangerous beasts by other races. The variant that inhabits Skyrim is among those closest to the original glory and power of its race, unlike other more ferocious variants that live across Tamriel.

Skyrim Minotaur Mod

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My friend has been making models and textures for a mod he's planning to make, but he doesn't know which ones to use and how he should use them. He's planning to make animations, sounds and more textures for them, as well as making armor and weapons that are exclusive to the race. This minotaur race will have pros and cons, have a larger size, different finishing moves, different animations, different sounds, different starting skills and racial abilities.

My friend is making a minotaur race mod. what do you think? (xpost from r/skyrim)

He and I wondered what you guys think of the models, the textures, or the mod it self. Here are pictures of some models he made. Some look pretty goofy, but it's a work in progress Obviously :.

I misunderstood what he said to me. I'm in.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This sounds awesome! Any ideas of the pros and cons? Obvious pro would be hand-to-hand fighting, but that's already built in to Kahjit. How about ability to talk to the cows.

Maybe a few quests there? That'd be fun. They are the most popular animal in all of skyrim. I had a completely different grasp on the meaning of "Race" and envisioned an epic Skyrim Cart 64 type of mod. I'm likin' this one.

Tauren/minotaur mod?

I really like this. The slouchy look really suits the race. Don't be silly!

Minotaurs aren't sexy! Why would you make eye candy out of them? Is it a playable race or is it going to be an enemy only?

Dagmar - minotaur race companion file - skymomod v13 for elder scrolls v: skyrim

I'd rather it was the latter and that they were really hard to kill. I mean like so hard that 2 dragons, a mammoth and a giant couldn't beat it in a team. Did you read the post?

It says it would be a race, but making some enemy minotaurs maybe even boss minotaurs would be cool, too. I like this one the best.

Is there going to be a storyline driven by the addition of the new race? Looking forward to this, i've always wanted to play as a Minotaur, any chance on a possible release date?

Come to think about it. Oblivion had a plethora of mythological creatures. Wouldn't Bethesda have put Minotaur in Skyrim if they were native to Skyrim though? That's the thought that popped into my head. I didn't know that the Turbosquid guy made those.

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I'm sorry; it was my fault. He sent those pics last, actually, and asked what I thought of them, but I didn't know he wasn't the one who made them. He didn't say or imply it, either, so it's all my fault. Found the internet!

My friend is making a minotaur race mod. What do you think?

Skyrim minotaur race mod install them or

Posted by 10 years ago. Sort by: best. Looks epic, tell your friend to keep up the good work. Continue this thread.

No females? Can use 2H weapons in one hand.

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. More posts from the skyrimmods community.

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