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Skyrim torture chamber, Skyrim chica look up chamber especially for tortures

Vixen was once the royal potion maker for king fang,but refused to continue her work after discovering what the king did with every potion she made.

Skyrim Torture Chamber

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Torture Victim s are four characters who can be found in the Dawnstar Sanctuary after the relevant upgrades have been purchased. Purchasing the Torture Chamber upgrade supplies four Torture Victims. The Victims are Nordstwo male and two female, one of the latter is an Elder. Travel to Merryfair Farm and head west-northwest past the millstone about twenty meters. The tree stump is a snapped-off birch, right next to another tree still standing, just below a rock outcropping. Travel to Pelagia Farm and head due west.

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Torture chamber

You can actually torture information out of the prisoners in there. I wanted to buff up my conjuration so I started soul trapping one of them and after a while they all gave up locations to hidden gold around the major cities.

So cool, never knew that. Want to skill up Destruction and Restoration at the same time? You'll continually cast for no mana cost and as HH heals more than Sparks does, you won't end up killing them. This is how I get one handed, two handed, restoration, and destruction to Very useful. I believe they have this dungeon for this purpose.

What is in the chamber and what is its purpose?

Since they don't value life, they use it to improve themselves. Torture room is ridiculous and out of lore - they're religious assassins, not sadists. Could it be because they are desperate? They are relying on rumors after all to find out people calling them, and its not like the Dark Brotherhood have had a wonderful time the last few years.

Torture victim

And who better to know if it's lore fitting or not than the guys who created said lore? Skyrim could have done a better job portraying them that way, then. Most of their dialogue in Skyrim is cheesy, mustache-twirling cartoon villainy. I thought that at first, then I realized I kind of built that room, not the rest of them. The Dragonborn must be the sadist. This is something I don't like about the Brotherhood in general, everyone is always quoting stuff about Sithis and the Night Mother and so on and so on, but I think there is a real clash in their de. On one hand they are motivated by money, they kill because very few others are willing to fill that niche.

But on the other hand, they're religious about all the killings and talk about how it appeases their father and all that crap. Why do they kill for money when they could just kill who-ever they want, why bother with getting clients and so on? I don't like how all the dialogue for the Dark Brotherhood makes you into a crazy assassin religious nut-job, if my stealthy guy s the DB, it's because he's not afraid to kill and he can use his skills to make more money, he has no interest in religion - but everyone in that fucking hole is some sort of wack-job who enjoys killing, except maybe for Vezara.

So true. It's edgy for the sake of being edgy, like a bad anti-canon mod that adds lightsabers and changes Shadowmere and Frost with My Little Pony shit.

They haven't been that for a long time. After the Night mother's tomb was compromised and most sanctuaries were as well, they had a vicious decline. They abandoned their 5 tenants, couldn't receive contacts the usual way and had to rely on other methods.

They lost their political sway, they used to be able to bribe or blackmail or intimidate for their safety. I think of it as a these are not the same dark brotherhood of old, just a broken Shadow of its former self. Yeah, but Astrid isn't, and she's running the show now. The DB and TG are both pathetic shadows of what they used to be.

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Not sadists? Part of the appeal of the DB has always been its sadistic members.

But even so it's after the quest is complete so I don't know. I wonder what's the feeling of being soul trapped.

If I'm not wrong there was either a book or quest that described that. Found the internet! TIL Dark Brotherhood torture room actually does something. Posted by 6 years ago.

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. It just doesn't belong.

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