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The artists who create the characters have their own views too.

Slender Anime Girl

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Since the shortest anime characters are often kids, and since nothing can happen to a kid, they patented a trend — year-old lolis. Seems fair, yeah? But she deserves a mention here for sure! Tatsumaki has a nice, pleasing de that has a very soft color combination.

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Sneha - Updated July 6, Anime is another word for addiction.

25 cutest super short girls in anime (ranking our top characters)

In this world of fantasy and realities, there are some female characters from whom you cannot move your eyes, be it for her cute looks, or her cute character. So, preparing a list on this topic was quite difficult. Yet, girl we are with anime cutest not just physically girls, you would slender dream of dating. Megumin possesses destructive powers and loves to boast about them. She always wears a black cloak with a wizard's hat, accompanied by a choker, fingerless gloves, and a black staff.

She likes to use her destructive powers and does not consider the outcomes. Megumin is beautiful in herself. Apart from her destructive character, she is a really caring person. She loves to protect her loved ones. Ochaco is one of the main characters in the anime My Hero Academia. She is a teenage girl with brown eyes, bobbed hair, and an eternal blush on her cheeks.

Ochaco gets excited over little things and loves to exaggerate. She is training to be a Pro hero and wants to become like Izuku, her love interest.

Top 15 super tall anime girl characters (listing our favorites)

She admires him and his skills on the battlefield. Ochaco is an ambitious girl. Although she wants to become a hero to earn money, she does intend to be a good one. Patricia or Patty, from the anime Soul Eater.

50 of the most attractive anime girls of all time

Patty has bright yellow hair and light blue eyes. Although she looks physically older than the others, she behaves rather childlike. Patty is mostly seen in cowgirl outfits, along with her sister Liz. Her soul is of pink color and it has two triangles that represent her hat. She definitely is one the cutest anime girl I have ever seen. Patty does not have the ability to understand complex things. The female protagonist of the anime Inuyasha is Kagome Higurashi.

Kagome is a kind-hearted person, who was born in a family of shrine keepers. She is said to be the reincarnation of priestess Kikyo, who was the protector of Shikon Jewel before she died. Kagome is fearless and is ever ready to help others, no matter what the situation is. Because of her nature, Inuyasha falls in love with her and later, Kagome too falls for him. Kagome has long black hair and brown eyes.

Inori is the female lead of the anime Guilty Crown. Her small glossed lips and beautiful light pink hair that ombres into hot pink, makes her look very beautiful. She is also a member of Slender Funeral Parlor. Although she looks fragile, she is a fighter. Initially in the series, Inori is shown to be a cold-hearted person, who eventually becomes emotional living with Shu.

Shu is her love interest and she says she belongs to him. Cuteness, girl, and a good voice is what describes Inori. Asuka is one of the main female le of the franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion. She has deated the position of the Second Child, and pilots the Evangelion Unit Asuka has reddish-brown hair and dark blue eyes. She is very proud of herself for being anime Eva pilot. Asuka is half American and half German because of her parent's origins. She is a stubborn but cute girl, with her own opinions. Her love interest is Shinji.

Mikuru is a cute girl with reddish-brown hair, who comes from an unknown point in the future. Mikuru's love interest is Kyon. She has been sent from the future for a mission. Also known as Mugi, she is one of the protagonists of the anime K-ON! Tsumugi is a keyboardist in the band Ho-Kago TeaTime. She is cute and gentle and is a very wealthy girl. It seems Tsumugi sometimes gets tired of behaving rich and therefore deviates herself by behaving otherwise, much to the shock of her friends. Rei is deated to be the first child in the franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion and is the pilot of Evangelion Unit Rei has a stoic personality but evolves to be a very friendly person till the end of the series.

Rei's short and pale blue hair and red eyes make her physically very attractive.

Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere is the crown princess to the throne of Tristain. With long pink hair accompanied by her beautiful pink eyes, Louise looks rather cute. In the Tristain Academy of Magic, she does not have a very good reputation. SaitoHiraga is her love interest. Hinami is one of the main characters of the anime Tokyo Ghoul. She is very gentle at heart, and shy as well. Hinami is a ghoul orphan. She deeply cares for Touka and Kaneki and behaves like their younger sister. Honami is stronger than other Ghouls.

Her sense of smell and hearing is very strong. Hinami, the 'daughter ghoul' resembles her mother. With her beautiful brown eyes, short brown hair, and her gentle heart, she is one of our sweethearts on the list.

Ritsu Tainaka is one of the main characters of the anime K-ON! She is the drummer of the band 'Ho kago tea time'. Ritsu's hazel eyes and short light brown hair gives her a very cute look. Sometimes she and Yui are indistinguishable. Ritsu is a bundle of joy and laughter, along with a lot of sarcasm.

The animated version of Chandler Bing I guess! With a natural flair for leadership and those pretty eyes, Ritsu is a favorite of all time. Tsuyu is a student of class 1A in the anime My Hero Academia. She has long straight green hair and unnaturally big eyes.

Her appearance is somewhat frog-like, and that's what we like about her. Tsuyu is very supportive in nature. A mature and responsible individual as she is, she divides her time properly between her school and household duties. From a very young age, Tsuyu has been taking care of her two younger siblings and has been managing everything single-handedly.

With her long black hair and violet eyes, Akeno wins everyone's attraction. Adding on to it is her beautiful figure and gentle and Elegant nature.

Top 50 cute anime girls [most beautiful girls]

Akeno embodies the principles of a perfect Japanese woman. She is a fallen angel, and her appearance is evidence of it. On the battlefield, Akeno is an entirely different personality. She slays enemies without a stir. The death of her mother in front of her eyes has made her cold from inside. Issei is her love interest. With the help of Issei, Akeno overcomes the trauma of her mother's death and eventually becomes a gentle human from inside as well.

She is a vampire with two personalities.