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Spanked and sent to bed, I sent date Spanked that bed gypsy

Description: her husband cheated on her she sent him this video. Cheating wife video sent to husband.

Spanked And Sent To Bed

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References: why spanking babies is harmful

Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. Similar Worlds today ยป. When I was about 12 years old I went for a sleepover at my friend Wendy's house. There were three other girls there from school and we were all very excited about the sleepover. Too excited in fact as when we were ready for bed we decided to throw a ball around the room.

Unfortunately one of ourSally, got a bit too enthusiastic with her throwing and the ball went straight through the window and broke the glass with a loud crash. Wendy's mum heard the noise and came in to investigate. She was a very nice lady but was very cross with what we done. She called her husband to do a temporary repair on the window while she led the five of us into her own bedroom.

After giving us a scolding for our misbehavior, she took a hairbrush from the side, sat on a chair and, to our horror, beckoned Wendy to come over her knee.

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We spanked as Wendy yelled and squirmed as the hairbrush did its work, with an uneasy feeling about what might happen to the rest of us. We soon found out as Mrs Johnson, having let her own howling daughter up, beckoned another of us over her knee with predictably the same. I was next and could only say Mrs Johnson sure knew how to use that hairbrush to good effect bed a naughty girl's and. By the time she finished my bottom was well and truly on fire.

After the other two of our companions had been similarly dealt with we stood there rubbing burning bottoms while Mrs J issued a final scolding and ordered us to bed. My this time her husband had fixed the window and we lay on out tummies and sobbed ourselves to sleep. In the morning Mrs J gave us a lovely breakfast and it was all very was very pleasant apart from the twinges left on our bottoms from the hairbrush. Mrs J didn't mention our misdeed of the evening but after church that morning she did tell our moms she had spanked us all the night.

Our moms were all pretty tight lipped about it as they were as embarrassed by our misbehavior as Mrs J was about having spanked us. I hoped that would be it but on the way home Mom told me I would be going over her knee, something which did not please me but obviously pleased my pesky little sisters by the looks of glee on their faces that big sis was going to get spanked. When we got home I was sent to the corner while Mom changed her clothes and my sisters teased me by whispering, "Who's going to get a spanking? I protested it was not me threw the ball that broke the window but all my pleading was in vain as over the maternal knee I went for another bright red bottom, the second within 24 hours.

With three mischievous girls to bring up Mom had learnt to be an expert spanker and so I spent the first part of the afternoon lying on my tummy trying to cool down my burning butt. When I saw my friends at school the next day it appeared that two more bottoms had suffered the same date as mine at the hands of angry and embarrassed moms who were only too keen to show their daughters what they thought of misbehaving in someone else's house. Ironically the only visitor who had not been spanked again was Sally, she who threw the ball and got us all into trouble in the first place.

She had merely been sent to bed for the afternoon, something the other three of us did with sore bottoms! We thought it a bit rich that she-who-had-got-us-all-into-trouble had escaped with only one butt warming but we decided it wasn't her fault she didn't get spanked again.

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However, we did give Sally some well planted swats on her butt for getting us into trouble. She squealed as we spanked her but it was all good fun and high spirits. We didn't spank Wendy as we couldn't really have expected her Mom to bring the hairbrush out twice for the same offence. I stayed friends with Wendy over the years and went round for tea during college vacation to catch up.

While there I teased her Mom about the spanking she'd given us all.

You can laugh about such things from a safe distance. The nice lady looked a bit embarrassed: "I was so mad that you had broken the window when I had told you to get to bed, I just grabbed Wendy and spanked her like I would normally have done. When I was through spanking her I realised it was going to be unfair if she was the only one spanked when you were all involved in it.

So I spanked you all but then felt duty bound to tell your parents what I'd done. But I'm sorry you got spanked again.

That was not my intention! Having only had Wendy to spank I found five at one go a bit of a challenge! Share Link. Post Comment Receive notifications. Top Newest First Oldest First.

This message was deleted by its author. Lovely story! Thank you for sharing. Did you feel treated unfairly, getting spanked twice for the same offense committed by another girl? Gernanmom There are really two distinct offenses.

Candice was part of the chaos that caused the window damage AND she was representing her family and upbringing in public. J spanked her for her part in the team effort. Her own mom could rightly spank her for embarrassing the family in public. I think family honor is important and I never realized how each of us is an ambassador for our families. Her mom's spanking may have helped her develop that sense of family reputation that is on the line whenever we enter the public arena.

Worse still when there are witnesses.

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Did the thought cross your mind to try and refuse to get the spanking since your mom wasn't the one giving it. Sweet story. I can tell Mrs J was a sweet lady and had her daughter well under control. Were ANY of the spankings received on the bare?

I know you were already bare when the girls spanked you but just wondered if Mrs J or your mom spanked bare. Have you kept touch with the Johnson's or any of the other friends from that sleepover? Strictmombarbara What did your daughter and her friends do to earn a group spanking? Did your arm or palm get tired? Who got it first?