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Speed of sound sonic butt, Aesthetically sound hunting for boy speed for chat

It's just about things I like, no general theme would be in that blog. Be warned!

Speed Of Sound Sonic Butt

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I just finished the anime.

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This means he ends up looking pretty foolish more often than not, and like pretty much everyone who goes up against Saitama, ends up being the butt of a lot of jokes. And this is a treat for all of us who love memes.

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There are a lot of layers to this meme. Everyone loves a terrible photoshop job, so the added hair on top of Lightning, along with the more subtle, but even more hilarious, purple face paint under the eyes on the hood of the car, are just too good to not include on this list. So, of course, the memes comparing the two of them are widespread.

Sonic the Hedgehog memes, in general, make fun of the weird, slightly grotesque little blue guy and the incredibly rabid fanbase that surrounds him. The joke is that it will indeed turn him into a super-creepy Sonic the Hedgehog Halloween costume, complete with mesh eyes and a mouth hole.

But like many of the villains in One-Punch Manhe regularly fails to measure up to Saitama, who can… defeat his opponents in one punch. Usually, a rivalry requires both of the people involved to acknowledge each other.

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It does certainly feel like Sonic is making one heck of a joke, which seems like it could have come right out of a Top Ten list. On a similar note, Saitama and Sonic have faced off a of times, with Saitama leaving Sonic in the dust on every occasion.

In fact, Saitama often defeats him by accident, with a casual blow, the way he beats many of his opponents. Sometimes, it does feel like Saitama is going through his day, living his life, barely even thinking about fighting anyone, and Sonic, nearby, seems to be spitting up blood about it.

The fact that the meme features a man in camo and face paint trying to surprise attack a dude literally holding a gun makes this even more amazing.

Then Saitama pulls out some insane finishing move, reminding us again that this dopey bald guy is actually really good at all this superhero stuff. But given his nature, and the fact that Saitama is probably the closest thing Sonic has to a friend, we could probably say that Sonic would punch Saitama fordollars.

Or, more likely, that Saitama would punch Sonic fordollars. Memes that are supposed to be about things girls like are pretty annoying, even to a lot of girls.

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The Feel Old Yet? The idea is to make us feel old by showing us something that has been around for a long time, like a movie that came out when we were kids or actor who has since grown up. Of course, meme-makers around the world quickly turned this into nonsense, with fake ages or comparisons between two things that are unrelated, or even a glass of water next to Ice Cube.

The characters have near-identical hairstyles, color schemes, and both even wear a scarf. Using this meme format calls out the similarities in a funny way, instead of being angry about the potential ripoff. When Saitama punches Sonic directly in the groin.

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Now, it would, of course, be unpleasant to be punched in that particular location by anyone, but especially by someone whose entire schtick is that he can kill anything with one punch. It must have been excruciatingly painful, and Sonic certainly saw it coming. In her free time, you can find her eating hummus, riding the Haunted Mansion, or being suffocated by her cats, Moo and Mai Tai.

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