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Starbound tiny city, Hostess woman searching Starbound to tiny

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Starbound Tiny City

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They don't call them the Mini knog for nothing. Get out! Up votes. Mini Village is an underground Mini-Biome characterized by miniature buildings and lanterns. The buildings and lanterns cannot be picked up by the player, only destroyed. When the lanterns are destroyed they drop pixels; when the buildings are destroyed they drop pixels but also have a chance to drop the gnome and building objects below.

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The Little Village Biome is found underground on any planet. It is characterized by the small houses that are scattered throughout the caves. The houses have three variations: Normal, fenced, and double.

The normal house has a red roof, a chimney, and tan walls. When broken, it will drop 6 - 12 Pixels. The fenced house is the same as the normal house, but it has a small brown fence surrounding it. The double house is like both, but it has a larger structure.

All of these houses are accompanied by small lamp posts, that drop pixels when damaged. They also emit a faint light. Despite the biome being called a "village", there are no inhabitants.

As of v. Upbeat Giraffe, the buildings at the biome are now much more varied, ranging from houses to windmills to multiple-story structures. The Soft Bricks have been removed however, and the lamp posts are noticeably brighter as well.

The villages are now "populated" by tiny gnomes, which may sometimes drop from the destroyed buildings in one form or another. Starbound Wiki Explore. Wiki Content.

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