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Stripping through college, Swede stripping pick guy through for college

An exotic dancer from the most notorious of Tampa's all-nude clubs, Mons Venus, performs less than six miles from where the Republicans gather for the Republican National Convention in Florida August 28,

Stripping Through College

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While T-Pain was falling in love with a stripper and Lil Wayne was busy making it rain, college girls were rushing to become that perfect candidate. Ever since former Duke University student Miriam Weeks, better known as Belle Knox, took the stripping scene by storm inhundreds of female undergraduates flooded the strip clubs in hopes of earning hefty sums of money to pay off college debts. According to a 4 art icle by the New York Post, after Knox did her first headline at Show Palace, dozens of hopeful college students rushed to apply. A payday like that is sure to lure college students to strip for their studies. All except for Pace junior, Briana Cuttino. Instead, the junior believes in working through college with internships and part-time jobs as opposed to working in the Red-light district.

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And they are making bank!

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One notable case of this situation is that Leilani Rios, a student and track team member at California State. Back inRios was booted from the track tram after her coach found out about her after school job.

When she was interviewed by ABCNews, she stated that it was how she was paying for classes. She went on to tell them that school came before sports, so she would not stop stripping.

Rios is right to say that stripping will help pay for college. Student loans have caused crushing debt that will follow you around for the rest of your life and may never be paid off.

It can prevent people from buying houses or starting families. Long story short, people want to avoid them and feel like the only way to do that is to avoid college all together. Then there are those who go into stripping. It is one way to pay for your college tuition, living expenses, and still have enough left over for the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale.

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The only real downside other than dealing with skeevy strip club managers and customers is how stripping may affect your future career, relationships, and even school life, like it did with Leilani Rios. When coaches, employers, or even family members find out you are stripping, you could end up facing a lot of rejection.

The real problem is the outrageous rates of tuition in this country and the negative stigma against sex and sexualisa. So, we have two choices here: lower college tuition so girls do not feel like they must strip, or be okay with the fact some girls strip. Image Source: thumbnail1. HC at UCF. Cassie Hedrick.

Image Source: thumbnail1 college jobs money stripping tuition. Cassie Hedrick UCF. She is also a tutor at the Writing Center.

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After she graduates, she plans on moving into a tiny house and travelling around the country, doing freelance writing. Mental Health. Good stuff only!

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