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Now, as the voice of Miss Minutes in LokiStrong's latest project is bringing her animation expertise to a mostly live-action story. Unlike most of her voiceover auditions, Strong barely knew anything about the nature of the role going into her Loki tryout. But once she was cast, Strong was able to see the partially-complete animation sequence for Miss Minutes' debut and craft her voice around that.

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Tara Strong is voice acting royalty. Looper spoke with Strong on the eve of the final episode.

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DNA, but the voice behind the spectral clock is mighty familiar. Strong's animated character played a key tonal role through the series, with unexpected connections to the mystery at the heart of the Time-Keepers, although the actor is still to meet Tom Hiddleston and the rest of her co-stars. How much of the show did you know about before it aired?

Did you get to see much beyond your character's role?

And initially in the audition, I didn't know what the show was I was auditioning for. I didn't know much about the character.

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I actually had to have my agent call production to find out: "Who is she? Is she sentient? Is she like an Alexa? Who is this character?

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When I was working with Kate and the rest of the team from the MCU, it was a little more clear who she was. But still, from show to show, I didn't know how big her role would be or anything else about what was happening in the world around me.

I took just as much joy in watching it fold out live on Wednesdays as everyone else. It's been such a fun show to watch and be a part of, and thankfully the fans love it so much.

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They loved the show before it started airing. They knew I was Miss Minutes, and they loved her before she even made an appearance. So, I'm so grateful to the fans for loving her. I love her so much. I can see that you love the fans on your Twitter, and they have lo of amazing stuff.

What's been the biggest surprise, the coolest piece of fanart, or the most exciting reaction you've had since the show premiered? Honestly, it's every step of the way.

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First of all, I love the emojis that the Twitter team put together. They're all so cute. I love Miss Minutes' emoji. The fan art has all been extraordinary. I try to highlight each and every artist, because they're all so good. The artists are so good. I posted one yesterday where a girl drew my face on this cute vintage-looking character with Miss Minutes beside her. That's been, I think, my favorite piece so far. But the fans are extraordinary and so supportive. And you never know, especially with this kind of character, how the fans are going to respond.

I'm so grateful every day for all of the love that Miss Minutes gets.

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Everyone's trying to guess who she really is and, of course, wants spoilers - which I'm not going to give. But it's been such a journey of love. I love seeing all the fan art, so that's been amazing. Keep that coming. Going back to sort of the earliest stages, when was it that you got involved in the process? What was the Miss Minutes de like?

Had that been finalized, and did they know exactly what she looked like and how she acted, or was that something you saw change from Marvel's concept artists? It had already been completely shot and finished before I came aboard.

So the benefit was I got to work against Tom, and all the other actors that do scenes with her. I got to see how they responded to her - which was wonderful, because if I had to do it myself first, I'd have much less of a place for my imagination to go and play off of. It was such a gift to already have it done, and kudos to all the actors who made it so believable without having me there or a really sustainable character to play off of.

Acting is listening, so to be able to listen and respond to people is so important. Really, it wasn't until I was in each scene and recording each scene that I knew what was happening or what was going on.

How loki's tara strong brought miss minutes to life - exclusive interview

But it was already done - as opposed to animation, where we go first and then they animate to our voice. So, this was already a completed project before I saw it. No, I really hope I get to. I'm guessing Comic-Con will be a fun place for that. I haven't met any of them, and I'm huge fans of everyone. Everyone's done such an extraordinary job.

I have a huge crush on Sophia, she's just so beautiful and such a great actress. I just wanted to get your thoughts on the idea of looking at Timmy's cousin. What are your thoughts on that show? That's so funny. You're the person to tell me about that.

How loki's tara strong brought miss minutes to life - exclusive interview

I didn't even know that happened; I'll to have to check it out. I don't know any of the details about it.

I hope it does well. It has such a special place in my heart, and for so many people. Every time I go to a con, they're like, "Timmy Turner brought our family together. We would sit and watch Fairly OddParents and laugh.

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Despite a brief jaunt in Mathematics at Durham University, film writing was always his calling. He's covered a wide range of movies and TV shows - from digging out obscure MCU Easter eggs to diving deep into deeper meanings of arthouse fare - and has covered a litany of set visits, junkets and film festivals. He once asked Tom Cruise about his supposedly fake-butt in Valkyrie he swore it was all real. By Alex Leadbeater Published Jul 14, Share Share Tweet 0.

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