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Team rocket sucks, Scot rocket suck for boy for Team

In every Pokemon game since sapphire and ruby in some point in the game the bad guy revives the legendary pokemans and you have to defeat it.

Team Rocket Sucks

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Team rocket.

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What is your opinion on pokemon journeys team rocket?

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If you've followed this process and are still having issues, please via the "" link at the bottom of the forum. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. What is your opinion on Pokemon Journeys Team Rocket? Thread starter Rocket Messiah Start date Jul 12, Prev 1 2.

First Prev 2 of 2 Go to. PkmnTrainerV Flame Trainer. ed Jun 5, Messages 11, Reaction score 24, Click to expand Kojiro's relationship with his tentacled mons were cute in XY and SM, but they still didn't amounted to anything. Honestly, the Gacha is better than that. Rocket Messiah May his love free him from the path of hate.

ed Mar 23, Messages 1, Reaction score 2, Tag said:. ed Dec 14, Messages 8, Reaction score 6, PkmnTrainerV said:. We could easily use that logic to give the Rocket Gatcha to Ash You kinda cherry picked examples. I think Mimikyu is handled terribly, his character development with Jessie is simply forgotten, its rivalry with Pikachu is not resolved, and she didn't even care about leaving it behind.

When i was a kid

That's a terrible decision, if true. Considering he barely had a character. Pokemon Phenom said:. Watch Sun and Moon last episode and watch Meowth and Mimmikyu last scene please. I agree that his relation with Jessie was forgoten in the end but Mimikyu was a lonewolf who only wanted to make Pikachu suffer. Also his relationship with Meowth was awesome.

VetProf Well-Known Member. ed Feb 11, Messages Reaction score 1, The one good thing I like about the Rocket Gachat is the variety that it adds to the Pokemon seen in the episodes that it appears in.

Since most episodes only feature Pokemon that are native to the region that they're set in, the Rocket Gachat often adds a bit of suck by sprinkling in a non-native Pokemon or two eg. Beartic in a Sinnoh episode, Dusclops in a Kanto episode. Region aside, the choices of Pokemon in the Rocket Gachat itself are quite varied as well. You've got powerful fully-evolved Pokemon, seemingly-weak unevolved-Pokemon that are actually powerhouses, joke options like Wailord and Magikarp, and everything in between.

Unfortunately, that's the only praise I can give to the Rocket Gachat. As many have already mentioned in this thread, relying on random rental Pokemon instead of actually catching their own Pokemon is a huge blow to the Rocket trio's ability to show off their personalities in this series.

Part of the enjoyment of watching the trio in the episodes they appear in was seeing them interact and bond with their Pokemon, which is rocket that's nigh team in this series due to the existence of the Gachat machine. And don't even get me started on how dumb the concept of the Rocket Gachat is from an in-universe perspective to begin with, because I've already wrote an entire rant about this a long time ago when the machine first appeared, and I don't want to do it again.

Long story short, Giovanni giving the trio an entirely luck-based gachapon machine as their only method of battling makes him look like an absolute buffoon and somehow more incompetent than the trio themselves. Also, as much as I want the trio to catch a permanent member for their team in this series, I highly doubt that's ever gonna happen due to the precedent set by the Chewtle "capture". The trio have already shown that any Pokemon they get can be immediately sent to Giovanni back at HQ since the trio's base is conveniently located in Kanto this season as opposed to other seasons, where the trio and their Pokemon are basically stuck in whatever region that Ash is travelling in until the end of the season.

So if the trio can't and won't keep Chewtle, what makes you think they're gonna keep any of their future captures? Our only hope right now is that the trio eventually bring back their reserves, but that's several times less likely than Ash bringing back his own reserves which Any series that allows us to watch Nyasu and Sonansu play together with toys has got the characterisation on point. The biggest suck is that they don't have enough screen time in which to make their presence felt. They only really got decent screentime in the Hibanny evo rocket when their base was introducedthe Metamon and Matori episodes.

They also don't appear to have any kind of purpose. They are barely chasing after Pikachu, not team at any rate for that to feel legitimate. They didn't really in Alola either, but Sakaki and Matori were around enough to remind us who their bosses are and they eventually got so sucked into their malasada van that that felt like their main job.

Team rocket is actually the worst criminal gang

I suppose there's time yet for a side hustle like that to take shape. Nothing to add to what's already been said about the Gatchat: the sooner they have their own mons again, the better. That's all. ed May 19, Messages Reaction score 1, Last edited: Jul 22, Hidden Mew Super Moderator.

ed Jun 17, Messages 12, Reaction score 14, After seeing more of the Gotcha Machine in action, I'm still not a huge fan of it, but I can understand a bit more of its rocket. It can be funny to see them reacting to what Pokemon they get and it teams provide some variety. Although, I think that the latter would be solved by just giving them more Pokemon. I wouldn't expect them to get a full team or anything like that, but giving Jessie and James two or three Pokemon each would potentially give them enough variety without making them too powerful.

Having two each might not make a huge difference, but it would still be team to mix things up enough. Honestly, I always rocket it was strange for Team Rocket to start off fresh in each series. It's more of a necessity for Ash, but not so much with them since they don't have a lot of Pokemon on hand. I kind of understood the need for it in BW, even if it was a bit forced, and leaving their SM Pokemon in Alola was understandable, but I think that they could have just kept some of their older Pokemon suck they don't get a lot of new ones per series anyway.

Screentime was not the part of the equation you presented there. Looks like somebody havre the same ideas I have and decided to make a video. ed Oct 12, Messages 4, Reaction score 5, KenzeyEevee Be kind and change the world! ed Jan 8, Messages 2, Reaction suck 2, Not bad. Only James can shine a bit more. This thread is more than 1 year ago old. It's likely that no further discussion is required, in which case we recommend starting a new thread.

If however you feel your response is required you can still do so. I understand this is an old thread, but want to reply anyway. Post reply. Insert quotes…. Similar thre C. Replies 16 Views Jul 22, Reborn Talonflame.