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Tera how to make gold, Make look gold Tera that wants how

With the help of our guide, we will be tackling this problem, describing all the possible ways of earning Tera Gold. Farming is the most tedious but most important work for you to do in TERA daily, we have some tips for you to somewhat reduce the boredom to a manageable level and bring the fun back into the game.

Tera How To Make Gold

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With gold you can buy almost anything from a broker VIP status, costumes, gear, flying mounts, etc. In the past, it was not possible to get an advantage with gold enchanting your gear. You had to farm it, grind it, sweat for it, however times have changed and you can pour some shiny coins and git gud with gear, not skill though. TERA is all about costumes and be assured you can find almost everything on the broker list.

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Purchase this scroll at a Vanguard Merchant for some inificant amount of credits. If you have Elite Status a reusable version of the scroll can be found on the Elite Status bar for free for all of your characters.

What is tera gold?

The dungeon should take you a maximum of 2 minutes on even the least geared characters. You are guaranteed a minimum of 1 Ruby g and a maximum of 3 Diamonds 30,g with varying amounts of gem drops in between.

You want to do the low-tier quest Hunt Brutal Basilisks. The gold comes from Brilliant Enchanting Box. The worse your gear is, the longer this takes.

Tera gold farming guide

The vanguard itself gives gso 16 of them will net you g. Golden Talents sell for anywhere between g, so Talents 15g will net you an additional g. Net total: g for the low, low price of your brain cells. In theory, you can complete each of these dungeons 4 times per day Elite and then use instance reset scrolls to complete an additional 4.

Net total: g per character. This is new content introduced January 31, on NA. Earn points by completing the mind-numbing tasks ased at a handful of locations over and over again. The main reward for this is the Guardian Legion Jewel Box. If you complete 40 of these missions on 1 character, you will finish with 40 Guardian Legion Jewel Boxes and g from the Vanguard. At minimum, you will have 80 Rubies which is g for a grand total of g minimum.

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This can be completed on multiple characters per day WARNING: doing this content on multiple characters will make you want to quit the game faster than any other content. TL;DR: This is just what you get for playing the game on your main character. You get g from the Vanguard. Net reward: g per dungeon completed. Really good.

How to sell tera gold for real money

Otherwise, just clear every week and sell the Superior Etching Boxes. NOTE: This is the man raid, so if you are a new player and do not have a raid, skip this. If you are incapable of clearing this content, skip this. Ideally you should clear in less than an hour, otherwise you might as well just do something else lol. Go on over to the EssentialMana Guide if you are new to Harrowhold.

What can you do with tera gold?

This content does not give a Vanguard, but gives numerous drops for Phase 4. Pretty great stuff. If you clear P, you will get a minimum of 3 Superior Etching Boxes. The amount of gold you get from this depends on your server. Net gain:???

These are hunted by multiple players on every server and are mainly sought after because they drop Elemental Essence. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents show.

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Tera Archer Guide September 15, Tera Common Questions and Answers September 14, Tera Gunner Guide September 12, Tera Redstrike Reaper Guide September 11, Tera Awakening Skill List September 10, Tera Brawler Rotation Guide September 9, Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Guaranteed to drop 7 Golden Talents each box. Double Vanguards are officially over on NA which means if you do 16 of this Vanguard you will get Golden Talents per character. I recommend only doing 16 of this Vanguard on your alts.

Also, only do this is if you can handle mindlessly killing BAMs for an extended period of time. All of these dungeons can be done in Guardian gear, but I recommend higher gear to clear them more efficiently. If you are IMSing, chances are that you will match with undergeared DPS and the dungeons will take longer than they should. A group of geared players can do multiple of these very quickly.


Steer clear of Shattered Fleet unless you really hate yourself. The main reward is the g vanguard. If you can clear these quickly with geared players, you can farm gold very fast. The vanguard can only be completed once per day, despite being able to claim 40 rewards per day.

The main reward. You can get 40 of these per character per day. Guaranteed to contain a minimum of 2 Rubies each box. Masterwork Alkahest sells for 1g 20s to merchants and can be purchased for 12 Metamorphic Tokens each.

This means 10, Metamorphic Tokens will net you about g 60s. Contrast: If you soldMetamorphic Tokens to a merchant you would make 50,g. Fine Niveots can be purchased for Vanguard credits each. Depending on what crystal you buy and what server you are on, they sell for varying amounts.