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Thai hiso girl, I am hiso up girl that like striping

The Author's Lounge has some history to it. But that history is history. The Lounge is now more often frequented by rich Thai families marrying off their debutantes.

Thai Hiso Girl

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By PeVee1stMay 9, in Marriage and divorce. Cook my sock 10 posts. May 9, I seriously doubt that this girl is anything more than middle class, but sounds like a bad start. Why isn't her parent's buying her a house to start her life?

My age: 35
What is my ethnicity: I'm from Israel
Tint of my iris: I’ve got huge dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my body features: My figure features is slim
What I prefer to drink: Liqueur
Other hobbies: Marital arts
Smoker: Yes

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This is a topic of hot bother. There are several Thailand forums that debate what a Thai hi society member is, and what traits and backgrounds they have. If you want to meet well educated Thai girls for free, then read this article. I am often told by expats, friends and people on forums that they dated a hi so Thai girl, or that their Thai girlfriend is hiso so because she has this or that. At the time of writing this article June 25th,a legitimate hi so Thai girl will have either an iPhone 6 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy Edge 6.

Notice the words in bold, if your date or girlfriend only has a iPhone 6 or a standard Samsung Galaxy 6, I have some bad news for you. The highest of hi sos will have the trifecta: iPhone 6 Plus, iMac Air 2 and the latest iPad all must be in white. Members of high society in any country are culturally aware and I think food plays an important girl in deciphering if one is indeed a hi so, or a pretender. Plot twist : A true member of high society will never eat a thai with a knife and fork. Extra points awarded if she manages to drop a topping on her dress.

In Thailand, there are several entry points for paying for a ticket at the movies.

Tickets start from baht for regular seats with honeymoon seats costing baht. From my extensively short interactions with hi society Thai girls, they will always pay extra and get the honeymoon seat.

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Note : If she has ever watched a movie on Wednesday for baht tickets are cheaper on Wednesdayshe is permanently disqualified from ever being considered a hi so. Another quality indicator on whether your date or girlfriend is a certified hi so is that she only shops at Siam Paragon or Emquartier.

With cars being crazy expensive in Thailand, if your girl owns a car you have got yourself a keeper. Note : If your girlfriend has a BTS Rabbit card that always has more than baht in credit, she can be considered kinda hi-so only if she meets at least two other conditions in this article. Any hi so girl will have high standards, and talking to a cultural and worldly guy like me or you certainly shows that she is a hi so. In a girl, any girl who is talking to you or showing interest, there is a high probability that she is a hi so.

Because as we all know, hi so women in Thailand love us. Did I miss anything out, or did I hit the nail on the head? I hope this article puts to bed what hiso considered a hi so Thai girl. If you have you own ideas on what a hi so girl is, please thai a comment below. This is hilarious.

Bro, to qualify for hi-so, you need to have at least 1 billion baht in your savings and you need to basically have Aryan skin tone the whiter the better in Thailand. Thailand has a huge debt problem as Thais have not been educated about how to save properly. I find it hilarious that you think driving a Mercedes and having a Calvin Klein wallet makes you elite. Bro, Calvin Klein is for poor people in America.

And a Mercedes is just a middle class car. To be hi-so you would need to be rocking an Alexander McQueen wallet at minimum and have a collection of cars, your cheapest being a Ferrari. Mercedes is middle class these days. I think you might be surprised how many ultra-rich farangs live in Thailand. How many homes do you own in Thailand?

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Thai genetics are laughable at best and even your brightest Thais are fairly girl. My IQ is over But what is truly a Hi-So thai in Thailand? A true Hi-So must have the bling to match the zing. However, when it comes to personality, most of these people are anything but Hi-So.

Most of these folks had the luck of enjoying an education abroad, in some western country, of course. Mom and dad made this happen. Probably it was just dad and mom stood by looking pretty like a true Hi-So mother should. These are the born into Hi-So society people. Not for what they have hiso in this life, but in past lives. We average people have to bow and pay respect to those people. Some Hi-So guys were carrying here towards the street. As a concerned guest of this honorable society, I asked what was going on. It turned out she was wasted. Drunk as hell!

Once again, a typical display of a Hi-So broad who miscalculated the alcohol level in her baht cocktail. As I said, these are the born into Hi-So members of society. We also have the self made ones.

It are those with the looks, the brains — as far as you need some — and the balls in the figurative way to become a self made Hi-So person. Chocolate is a good looking girl, smart ishwell spoken and a great pair of tits.

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In a way, she did earn it, if you get my drift. Maybe she earned it more than those born into Hi-So members. Anyway, Chocolate has a nice condo, that fancy foreign imported car, iPhone 6 Plus, Dior dress, etc. She eats pizza like a lady but without being to prude. I can only imagine what that is. Ladies and gentle… maybe just Gentlemen. These are the two of Hi-So people in Thailand.

And if you truly are a person with hiso qualities, you stay the fuck away from them, unless they pay the bill at the G-Club, or have a great pair of tits. The real hi soc is made up by people who are doctors, academics, writers, painters, actors not by some stupid spoiled children, who never worked an hour in their life and for who, their parents bribed schools to pass.

High society (hi so) girls in thailand

The 1 indicator of hiso youth status is spending long periods of time studying abroad supported by their parents. I have known many of these types from meeting them at my university in Australia. Their families are very wealthy. Now you have shattered my reality…. Maybe her being more tatted up than a Mexican prison gang leader should of clued me in first….

It all sounds pretty similar to other countries, even usa given massive gaps from the rich to the not-so. Little girls and boys get a porsche on their 16th b-day in many cases. I thought they were into thai guys? I also agree with the poster who said their are the superficial hi so and there are those that work hard.

I dated a hiso HiSo girl for a month or so. She was 18 and preparing girl go to NY for university. She picked me up from the airport in her Porsche paid for my baht sushi lunches and even wanted to pay for a ticket for me for a getaway to Seychelles I declined. The thai is I would have gone and leeched her for all shes worth, but I had to go home for work reasons etc.

Such is life. Haha,there you go Josh. Seem like you have a big misunderstanding, my fellow little farang friend. I can say that mostly middle income people in this country got a smartphone and mostly the latest model too. And the real thing about really hiso girl is that she does not drive herself, her family got a private driver for every cars they got. If you meet this criteria, you may welcome to the elite club of this country. Any middle class worker can get those items —in fact, cars, iPhones, etc are meant for the middle class—.

High so girls or people, in general are open minded, can discuss a variety of topics —due to being well educated—, are open to criticism, and in general are always trying to improve in different areas of their lives —health, finances, etc. They also have freedom i. They are slaving away years of their lives, at jobs they hate, just to show off. But what distinguishes me from the rest? Seems this is the same shit as in many other places… Was in South Korea. Sorry is this a joke? I the you are confusing Hi So girls with Bar girls!!

My hiso girl is usually awsome.

We are still together and happy and i will be back soon to work with her. Positively she is true, loving and trustworthy. Bad points…. I love the Emquartier Its the best way to get from the north side of Sukhumvit road to the better more interesting side? Air conditioning and escalators rule. They are members of elite families mostly of Chinese descent who changed their names to Thai about a century ago and are titans of various industries in Thailand manufacturing, real estate, shipping, tech, retail, hospitality, etc.