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Thanksgiving sex stories, I'm picking sex who like story

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Thanksgiving Sex Stories

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Just Thanksgiving Stories. A Brewster Thanksgiving - by J. Dickingson - This is a story involving four brothers, two preteens and two thirteen-year-olds, two of their long-forgotten kin, and an assortment of their classmates putting on a community Thanksgiving ant. A story about a VERY strange family. It was very neat and clean, also carpeted but the walls were bare, undone. There was an old-fashioned bed at the end of the attic along with neatly stacked boxes and old chests.

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

We always have family over and I prepare the meal. I love cooking and baking for Thanksgiving.

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Judy, my wife, said that on Saturday she had to go into the city and work all day Sunday getting everything ready for a conference that would be held on Monday and Tuesday. She would be home about mid-day on Wednesday. Things like this were not uncommon. Since other countries do not celebrate sex Thanksgiving it is normal for her to work right up to the holiday, and sometimes on the holiday.

I was off all next week and was looking forward to making pies, a cake, turkey and dressing, and several vegetables. I love to cook for family. We live in a rural area of the mountains in Virginia and our 14 thanksgiving old daughter, Rebecca stories the school bus. Judy said it was all right with her if I had no objections.

Since Judy would be gone, I said it was fine because the three girls can keep me company.

Friday when I got home from work there were three 14 year old girls in the TV room playing video games looking just as cute as they could be. Judy was not home yet so I showered and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I asked the girls what they wanted for dinner and to my surprise they said they wanted Chicago-style hot dogs. This would be easy and we had everything needed — hot dogs, buns, tomatoes, dill pickles, mustard, and onions.

Judy would be home in about 30 minutes so I mixed some cocktails, drank one and started getting the hot dogs ready. She was right on time and appreciated the cocktail being ready for her as she had a bad day. Part of the agenda for the meeting had changed and she would be working late Saturday night as all day Sunday.

After thanksgiving, Judy headed for her office to continue working. I went into the TV room and the girls were sitting on the couch watching a video. Joyce is a red head, green eyes, and a cute figure but small breasts. Joan is a brunette with blue eyes, and also has a cute figure but at least a B cup breasts. Becky is sex, blue eyes, and slim like her mother. Sex has smallish breasts, also. Becky was 2 years old when her father was killed in a car wreck. I married her mother 2 years later and had been the only father she had known for 10 years and I could not have loved her more if she story my own daughter.

When Judy and I married, it was with the understanding that we would not have any children, so I got a thanksgiving because I hate condoms and diaphragms takes the spontaneity out of sex, so Becky is an only. Birth control pillscause Judy to gain weight, so she did want to take them. The next morning after story pancakes and ham Judy got sex her car and headed into Baltimore to get the conference room ready. The girls and I headed to town to pick up the turkey and the other things for Thanksgiving. They wanted sausage gravy and homemade biscuits for breakfast so we got everything for that, also.

When we got home the girls started putting everything away. When Joyce bent over to put some items in the lower part of the cabinet I could not help but notice her beautiful ass and I could also see the outline of her pussy lips tight against her shorts. That afternoon it started getting cold and the wind came up. I checked the weather and saw we were in for a cold front and possible snow.

I put on my coat and went outside to check the fuel in our generator. It was full and the oil level was okay, also. We had enough fuel to run the generator continuously for 7 days powering thanksgiving in the house including the heater. About 2 hours later, it started raining and then rain mixed with sleet. As the temperature continued dropping, everything turned to ice, then it started to snow — and did it ever snow! I called Judy and she said it was storming in Baltimore, also and it was possible the conference would be cancelled if it continued. And it did continue. The next morning we had over a foot of snow on the ground over solid ice.

Since we live in a rural area, our ro are not plowed until last, and sometimes not at all. All the ro in our area were closed and it was still snowing. I told her to be careful and tell her sister the girls are fine and having a good time and are being very good company for Becky and me. I called the girls in and told them what was happening and they were okay with it.

They decided to get into the hot tub. It is covered and protected on all four sides from the wind and they told me to them. I went upstairs to get my trunks and when I got to the hot tub they were in the water up to their chins in the bubbling hot water. I crawled in and slid over to one of the jets to massage my back.

Then they all stood up facing me. They were nude and had shaved pussies and they were standing with their feet apart giving me a beautiful view of three beautiful14 year old naked girls. Joyce and Joan have been fucking their father for over a year and now I want to fuck you.

Joyce and Joan want to help you change your mind because I knew you would not agree if there were only the two of us. Although I now had a tremendous hard on, I told them we just could not do this as they were only 14 years old and if anyone found out I could go to prison for a very long time and be a registered sex offender for the rest of my life.

She and aunt Betty both know about uncle Frank fucking his daughters and are okay with it. All three of the girls came over and as Joyce put her breasts in my face while Joan and Becky reached under the water and started pulling my swim trucks off. I reached up and pulled Joyce closed and started feasting on her breasts as I felt hands grasping my dick and massaging my balls.

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The girls agreed and we grabbed our towels and headed into the den. Joyce told me to lie on the rug in front of the fire place. They pulled my towel away and started stroking my penis. Becky said she wanted to see me fuck one of her cousins first, and then she wanted me to fuck her. Joyce said she wanted to go first since she was the one that got me hard in the kitchen.

She started to straddle me and was going to put my thanksgiving in her pussy but I stopped her. She looked at me strangely as I rolled over and then moved up to kiss her. Although she was surprised, she responded with a mind-blowing kiss. As I kissed her I took one of her breasts in my hand and started massaging them and pulling the nipples. She started moaning as I moved down her and took her nipple in my mouth.

I continued caressing and kissing her breasts as I moved my right hand down over her stomach and sex her Venus mound pushing against her pubic story.

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She gave a loud moan and I spread her lips with my fingers and brought them up her slit until I reached her clit. As I rolled her clit between my thumb and finger she had an orgasm and could not keep from humping my hand. I let her down a little and moved down and took her clit in my mouth sucking it into my mouth and attacking it with my tongue. She pushed her crotch against my face raising about 10 inches off the ground. I inserted my finger into her love canal and started massaging her clit from inside while I pushed down with my tongue.

Fuck me! I moved up as she spread her legs and I placed her legs over my shoulders and placed the head of my dick at her opening. Slowly I pushed into her as she was trying to get hold of me with her hands to pull me into her. When I was finally inside her completely, I started stroking slowly as she started matching my rhythm. I was deep inside this young girl and could feel things inside her I had never felt before and it was driving me to my orgasm.

Finally she started to relax and I started to get soft. I pulled out and rolled thanksgiving on my back and then remembered the other two girls. I looked at them and they were wide-eyed just staring at us. You do know that the first time will hurt for a while? The girls asked Joan how it was and she could hardly speak. She said she could not believe she could cum so much and for so long. I touched her on the story and her skin and body jumped and shuddered she was so sensitive.

I got up and went to the bathroom and took a shower, shaved, sex put on aftershave lotion.

I slipped on a robe and came back into the den where the girls were talking. We talked for a bit and Becky opened my robe and took me in her hand. Her hand was warm and felt wonderful and she took her other hand and rolled my dick back and forth between her hands as it started to grow. She was a natural and moved back and forth covering her teeth with her lips and applied pressure as she fucked me with her mouth. It felt wonderful as it had been many years since I had a blow job as Judy liked to receive oral sex, but did not like to give oral sex.