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The real lois griffin, I am real The that griffin fetisch

Though The Simpsons arguably continues to reign supreme in the animated entertainment landscape in terms of sheer longevityit's not alone in its status as a long-running satirical powerhouse. Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy has been on the air for almost two decades minus that brief cancellation periodand it has evolved quite a bit since it first debuted after the Super Bowl back in

The Real Lois Griffin

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There is no metric on the planet by which Lois Griffin can be measured and come out as the greatest mom on the planet, as she just isn't. But what she may be is the most interesting mom on the planet.

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From the constant jokes, the hilarious cutaways, and the endless adventures with the Griffin family, it's a show many have loved growing up. With creator Seth Mcfarlane showing no s of stopping anytime soon, we can only anticipate what's next for the hit sitcom. We thought it would be fun to imagine a live-action adaptation of the show and we cast actors we thought were perfect for the role.

Here are 10 actors that make up the starring Family Guy cast. Funnyman Kevin James has been in his fair share of comedies, in both starring and supporting roles. Peter may not be the smartest in his group of friends or family, but it's his naive nature and gullible attitude that make him a fan-favorite. Kevin Jame has the size, he has the acting chops, and he has the experience to star in a movie hit.

Maybe he could even master Peter's ature laugh. Lois is Peter's loving but way out of his league wife, who puts up with Peter's antics and attempts to hold the family together regardless of how crazy they may seem.

Lois is often the voice of reason and although she gets into her own adventures, she is the most stable of the Griffins. She has just what it takes to play the uptight yet loving mother that Lois has done all those years in Quahog.

Moss has the acting chops to play serious and match it with her humorous, witty banter. The oldest of the Griffin kids, Meg is often the butt of the joke and the most overlooked of the Griffin .

24 real people who look exactly like family guy characters

It has long been a running joke that Meg is the most hated and forgotten of the Griffins, often being neglected or pushed aside. She has been the subject of many of the family's abuse but still finds a way to be a part of the family. The year-old actress Abigail Breslin has been in the industry since she was just a kid and has been in movies of different genres, from thrillers to kids, al the way to comedies.

Her most recent role includes her portrayal as Little Rock in Zombieland.

Chris Griffin is a lovable idiot just like his dad. Although nowadays Chris is a little bit creepier and unstable, he's always been a funny and likable character on the show. Chris just wants to fit in and have a normal life, but being a Griffin makes that nearly impossible.

Whether it's his talking baby brother that's smarter than him or his talking dog, Chris struggles to fit in with his family. The lovable Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo plays a very similar role in Stranger Things, often feeling left out of his friend group and struggling to fit in with his classmates.

24 real people who look exactly like family guy characters

THat doesn't deter him from trying and it doesn't kill his spirit, much like Chris. Glenn Quagmire is one of the most questionable characters on the show.

From his unbelievably high sex drive to his unwanted advances, all the way to owning thousands of pairs of the same shirt, Quagmire isn't the ideal neighbor. He has been a friend to Peter and is a crucial part of the gang, but sometimes his jokes or comments are a little bit cringey. Bill Hader can play the womanizing funnyman perfectly, playing the creepy yet misunderstood role in several of his movies.

Hader has been in comedy for a long time and his ability to make people laugh with his cringey and awkward jokes make him a perfect candidate for Quagmire.

Joe Swanson is another member of Peter's crew and the paraplegic cop that is oftentimes way too intense. Joe has had some of the best character development in the lois, starting off as a stoic but unstable man with a failing marriage and a dysfunctional family. He ended up as one of Peter's more reliable and mature friends, often keeping his group friend out of trouble griffin his disabilities.

Since Meloni has been in several roles, playing both funny and serious characters on his way to becoming a The actor. His intensity and ability to tone it down at the drop of a hat make him an ideal candidate for Joe. The third of Peter's crew is the lovable and neutral Cleveland Brown. He recently came back after going off to star in his own spinoff show and it's like he never left. Cleveland, like Joe, has had troubles with his marriage and experienced a lot of ups and downs on his way to real one of the show's favorite characters.

Craig Robinson has been in comedy for a long time. From Daryl in The Office and a few recurring roles in Brooklyn 99 As a charming and funny actor, he would play the role beautifully, especially since he brings a lot of experience to the table.

Real life lois griffin

Tom Tucker is arrogant and sometimes the antagonist for Peter and his group of friends as he is often the bad guy or the one who refuses to get his hands dirty. As a news reporter for the small town of Quahog, Tom has some sort of celebrity status that he very well uses to his advantage to get what he wants.

Ethan Hawke, the one-time heartthrob of the 80s and 90s would make a great Tom Tucker.

Not only can he pull off Tom's ature mustache but he also has the charm and arrogant charisma Tom has as we've seen in all of his movies. Dianne Simmons is the short-lived character who was part of one of Family Guy's biggest twists in the show's history. Like Tom, she uses her small-town celebrity status to get what she wants and as a woman working in media, she suffers more than Tom. Although her run on the show was short-lived, she played a big role in the first 8 seasons of the show and was a big recurring character.

30 fun facts about lois griffin | family guy

Jennifer Garner, arguably one of the most accomplished actresses on this list has the charisma and humor to be in a live-action Family Guyand her beauty makes for an ideal News reporter. As two of the most well-known characters on the show, Stewie the youngest of the Griffin children and Brian, the family's talking dog, are always seen together on their epic adventures.

Stewie has a genius-level intellect and has built some of the coolest gadgets we've seen on the show, such as a time machine, and a teleportation device. Brian, although a failed writer, is the second smartest character, so he is often seen with Stewie on their mishaps.

The show's creator Seth Macfarlane is known for voicing a lot of his characters, including Stewie and Brian so we don't see why he wouldn't do it here. For obvious reasons, we don't see the makers of this hypothetical movie casting an actual baby and dog and will most likely use some sort of special effects to create the two.

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