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As you can see, the Upper City is crawling with Sith Troopers, but no need to fret; the Sith hardly know you by face, and you can so much as try to start a conversation with them, and they will not become hostile.

The Search For Bastila

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You awaken from a troubled sleep, in which you had a dream or vision of a female Jedi armed with a yellow lightsaber fighting and defeating a dark Jedi.

How old am I: I am 47
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Beginning a New Game. Character Classes. Jedi-Related Feats. Dark Force Powers. Light Force Powers. Universal Force Powers. Jedi Classes. Gaining Experience.

Unknown World. Puzzle Solutions. Journal Entries. Downloadable Content.

Star wars knights of the old republic walkthrough

Loading Screen Messages. RSS Feed Widget. The section is organized by area, and will be presented in the same you receive the updates during the game. It should be obvious, but just in case, all these journal entries are taken from the game. There are two special sections here; Ebon Hawk and Party Members. Ebon Hawk quests are the ones that are preceeded with "Ebon Hawk", and have nothing to do with any planet. For example, "The Trouble with Gizka".

It may be given to you on a planet, but the actual quest is located inside the Ebon Hawk. The second one, Party Members, are ones that have to do with furthuring the story with the various party members, which will lead to a quest on a planet. For example, Carth and his son Dustil on Korriban. Your cabin mate, Trask, has warned you that the Sith have boarded the ship in search of Bastila, the commander of the vessel.

You and Trask have to find her before the Sith do. He's ordered all hands to the bridge to protect Bastila.

She likely made her way to the starboard escape pods. If you want to get off the Endar Spire alive you should do the same. The rich live in the Upper City, while the Lower City is run by swoop gangs.

Star wars: knights of the old republic/taris

The lowest levels of Taris are overrun by terrible monsters called rakghouls. To make matters worse, the Sith have seized control and imposed a planet-wide quarantine. Now you and Carth Onasi must find Bastila - the only person capable of stopping the Sith from conquering the galaxy. You should probably begin by investigating reports of escape pods that crashed into the Undercity. Dia's Bounty Light Side Taris: Dia has explained to you that she attacked Holdan in self-defense when he began making drunken advances.

In retaliation, he ordered a bounty to be placed on her head. You can access the rapid transit system through your MAP screen.

On the map screen you will see a button that says 'Return to Hideout'. In non-action areas you can use this button to instantly transport you back to the apartment complex where you base is located. In some action areas this button will be disabled. While in the apartment complex the button on the Map screen will read 'Transit Back'. When pressed you will be transported back to the location where you last used the Return to Hideout function. Remember, if you leave the area around your hideout, the 'Transit Back' buttton will switch back to 'Return to Hideout' and you will have to manually walk back to your location.

You should try using the Return to Hideout and Transt Back buttons now, just to see how they work. Pazaak Rules Basics: The object of the game is to have your face up cards total higher than your opponent's hand without exceeding a total of If a player's total is greater than 20 at the end of a turn a 'BUST'the opponent wins the set.

Taris: the search for bastila

A player must win 3 sets to win the match and collect the wager. Rules of Play: 1. Each player draws 4 random cards from their side deck to form their HAND. These cards are available to the player for all the sets of the match. Each hand card can only be played once per match. The first player draws a card from the main deck and plays it face up to begin their turn.

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After drawing a card, a player has the option if playing one of the cards from their hand. Playing a card from the hand is optional. Only one hand card can be played each turn. A player who stands cannot draw again or play any more cards from their hand during the set.

When one player stands, the opponent can continue to take turns until they either stand or bust. If a player chooses to end turn they will automatically draw another card at the beginning of their next turn. After one player chooses to stand or end turn, the opponent draws a card to begin their next turn.

Players continue to alternate turns until both players choose to stand, or until one player ends a turn with a total greater than 20 a 'bust'. A player can draw a card from the main deck that puts them over 20, then play a negative card from the 'hand' that brings the total back under In the case of tie, another set must be played. No new cards from the side decks are drawn.

Kotor:the search for bastila

A player can never have more than nine cards in play during one set. This includes cards from the hand as well as cards dealt from the deck. Once you have nine cards in play you automatically stand. Once played it cannot be changed. The first player to win3 sets wins the match and the wager. Invited to a Party Taris: You've been invited to a party by one of the Sith. According to the directions on your datapad they're getting together at an apartment on the east side of the North Upper City. The Search for Bastila Taris: You've been invited to a party being given by one of the off duty Sith officers.

Star wars: knights of the old republic/hidden bek base

Going there might be risky, but it could also get you a step closer to finding Bastila. The non-lethal duels seem quite popular with the spectators, and you sense the chance for substantial profit. Whenever you want a duel, all you have to do is speak to Ajuur. Unfortunately, Duncan's lack of ability is legendary, so hardly anyone is impressed by your victory.

The Duel Ring Taris: Gerlon Two-Fingers has fallen before you in battle, gaining you some measure of respect among afficionados of the sport, though you are still ranked far below the top ranked duelists. The Duel Ring Taris: With your victory over Ice people are beginning to notice for accomplishments in the ring.

If you continue to climb the ranks a championship match is inevitable. The Duel Ring Taris: By defeating Marl, you've solidly staked your claim among the duel ring's elite. In fact, only one fighter stands between you and the title of duel champion The title of duel champion is yours, by right and by might. The Duel Ring Taris: You are the reigning duel champion on Taris, but only by facing the legendary Bendak Starkiller in a death match can you prove yourself the greatest duelist of all time The death match will take Ajuur some time to repare, giving ample opportunity for news of Bendak's return to spread quickly among the people of Bastila.

But when the search is over, it's you the people will be talking about Rakghoul Serum Taris: Zelka at the Upper City medical center is eager to acquire a sample of the rakghoul serum used by the Sith Undercity patrols. However, Gurney, Zelka's assistant, mentioned that it might be more profitable if you deliver the serum to Zax in the bounty office in the Lower City cantina. The Search for Bastila Taris: The Sith at the party underestimated the infamous kick of Tarisian ale, giving you ample opportunity to search their belongings The they sleep off the effects of the powerful drink.