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The walking dead gay guy, Guy would walking searching men who The gay

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The Walking Dead Gay Guy

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By Rachel Cavanaugh. In order for this character arc to be plausible, Daryl needs a major story development to trigger the change. Giving him a coming-out story in the forthcoming season nine, centered around a relationship with Aaron played by Ross Marquandwould make the transition convincing while also bringing compelling character drama back to the show. While he used to intrigue viewers with his moody, complicated loyalties which sent him blindly searching for Sophia Madison Lintz and struggling to love Merle Michael Rookerall viewers have seen him do lately is eat dog food and make bad decisions. The biggest problem with Daryl becoming the next leader is that it runs entirely counter to his character.

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Described as the smart and loyal protector of a young group of inexperienced survivors — siblings Hope Alexa Mansour and Iris Aliyah Royalewho are like sisters to Felix, and their friends Silas Hal Cumpston and Elton Nicolas Cantu — Felix found a surrogate parent in the girls' father, Nebraska State University head Raymond Campbell Joe Holtwho became a father figure when Felix was disowned by his birth family for being gay.

Felix is the protector of this crew.

As one of the he of security for this campus-based community the World Beyond survivors have called home for the past ten years of the apocalypse, Felix is the protector type alongside counterpart Huck Annet Mahendruanother campus security guard who served in the Marines at the time of the initial outbreak. They really are the only family he has at this point," Tortorella said. That was the first thing I knew about Felix when I heard about this project.

'the walking dead' finally confirmed a big comic character is gay on the tv show — here's why that matters

Tortorella describes their character as a "fighter" who "holds these people, this chosen family, the closest to his heart — sometimes to a fault. A teaser for the upcoming Walking Dead feature film hinted Rick was flown by helicopter to Philadelphiawhich just might be one of the three major civilizations bound by CRM's three-circle symbol.

When Hope, Iris, Silas, and Elton embark on an a risky mission to locate the girls' CRM-employed father, taking them out into a world overrun by "empties," a. Mahendru ly described the younger-focused World Beyond as something like "seeing and experiencing something for the first time.

Also the first time you have an encounter with an empty, what is that like? We get to a center called the blaze of glory and everything is on fire and it draws all the empties, it's like World War III, so that was very exciting to shoot and something the fans have never seen before.

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