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The witcher 3 ghouls, Ethiopians ghoul The friend to witcher

The beasts are drawn toward the carnage left in the wake of the war against the ever-expanding Nilfgaardian Empire. Thankfully, necrophages aren't too difficult to fight off

The Witcher 3 Ghouls

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This quest is located on the south side of the large river that separates the two lands, and can be found on the remains of a large battlefield just to South of a refugee crossing. This quest is also closely intertwined with the Thou Shalt Not Pass and Faked Papers side questsas helping this man can get you a discount on getting a pass to enter Novigrad. When you first approach the man named Albin Hart, he'll be trying to fight off several Ghouls. As it happens, he and his men are trying to clean up the battlefield, but the corpse-eaters are making things hard. Your job - should you accept it, will be to guard him and his men while they work from several waves of necrophages.

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It's hard to find a game that has a bigger collection of absolutely grotesque monsters than The Witcher 3. The series on a whole takes a bit out of every popular fable and puts its own unique spin to it, crafting a world that is equal parts familiar and unique at the same time. While most of the monsters present in this game aren't all that bad to look at, the same can't be said of The Witcher 's version of the undead.

Drowners, rotfiends, and grave hags are just a few of the many foul beasts Geralt will encounter during his travels. One such creature that has been a thorn in the side of this witcher are ghouls — flesh-eating monstrosities that are absolutely horrifying in every sense of the word. Having even a little bit of curiosity when it comes to these abominations is hard to fathom, and yet people have actually managed to point out flaws in the background of this creature and framed ten questions about these ghouls that have been left unanswered.

Read on if you don't have a weak stomach and can actually fathom reading about these necrophage horrors. For creatures that are supposed to be incredibly hungry and take the first opportunity possible to get some fresh meat, ghouls can be some incredibly picky eaters at times.

It's stated that some ghouls prefer taking some flesh, ripping it up, and letting it fester before feasting on it. It sounds disgusting and highly improbable, given how gluttonish necrophages are in The Witcher.

For the most part, it's shown and stated time and time again that ghouls mostly eat human meat, with some of them going so far as to targeting live targets if they're starving. However, it's also stated that some ghouls tend to target livestock on rare occasions. Is this a desperate maneuver or do some ghouls genuinely prefer animal meat over than of humans? It's a question that, like many others on this list, has no proper answer.

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Fighting ghouls can prove to be a tricky business, but what makes these creatures all the more lethal is the fact that they can go into a frenzy if their health is too low. This allows them to attack with a burst of strength that is notably absent in the initial stages, prompting one to ask exactly what changes in these beasts that allows them to access this sudden inflow of power. A ghoul's attack power isn't the only thing that rises once they access rage mode — they also gain the ability to regenerate their health after their frenzy is over.

This can be countered by casting the Axiiwhich is a fact most people aren't aware of.

Again, the same logic applies here as it did in the last section — how does exhausting themselves allow these ghouls to regenerate their health? If anything, it should make them even more vulnerable to a follow-up attack! Perhaps the most pressing question about rage mode is the fact that it only activates when the ghoul is on the verge of death, and not before.

Necrophages might not be the smartest creatures on the Continent, but even ghouls should realize that using an attack that allows them to dish out massive damage before letting them regenerate their health is something that should be pulled out the moment they realize how strong their opponent is. The first game in the series is a legendary title for a of reasons, but it's definitely hard to get through in modern times.

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This, coupled with the sheer of inconsistencies it has with the rest of the trilogy, makes it an odd starting point for the games indeed. Ghouls are a great example, with a of weird changes that happen across the two games they don't appear in The Witcher 2.

For starters, the ghouls in the first game walk like humans, while the ones in The Witcher 3 are more doglike. If this wasn't perplexing enough as is, there are a of additional changes on top of this as well. The ghouls in the first Witcher game are absolute brutes that require Geralt's Strong Style to cause even a dent in their health bar.

This is simply not the case in The Witcher 3where ghouls are more nimble and need to be hit with quicker attacks. All these points lead to the biggest discrepancy of them all The first game describes ghouls as reanimated corpses of people who were forced into cannibalism — a statement that is completely untrue. Ghouls and other such creatures are a by-product of the Conjunction of the Spheres, and nothing more. The first game also has a misleading statement by Lambert when it comes to these ghouls, who states that using Fast Style against them is a good option.

This is absolutely untrue — the bestiary itself states that Strong Style provides a better opportunity to deal with these beasts. Most people chalk this down to a translation error The question about whether most of the necrophages in The Witcher are undead or not has been prevalent ever since the series broke into the mainstream.

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While the right answer is apparently that these creatures are post-Conjunction beings, there is information that points to the fact that maybe the Conjunction of the Spheres simply brought forth spirits that inhabited these dead bodies, technically making them undead. Whatever the answer might be, the fandom won't be getting it anytime soon. Chorizo and the amigos in Far Cry 6 aren't helpful and only hurt the story and world Ubisoft has tried to build. Share Share Tweet .

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