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Thick women in short shorts, Shorts woman look up woman who short thai

Now that summer is officially here and 80 degree days are quickly becoming a norm, it's very likely you're only reaching for a handful of wardrobe staples. We're talking an easy-breezy maxi dresslightweight linen blouses, and comfy, cute shorts.

Thick Women In Short Shorts

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If you have thick legs, sometimes that can make you feel self conscious, especially when you are looking for shorts.

If you would like to make your legs look more slender, generally look for the shorts that offer plenty of space in the leg shape and avoid anything that is clinging to your thighs as those will only make thick legs look more obvious. After I experimented with numerous shorts styles and lengths, these are the 9 best shorts if you have thick legs. One element that you should always pay close attention to when selecting shorts to flatter your body, no matter your body type, is the rise and how it lays on your shape.

With thick legs, high rise is the most flattering option. I was wearing an ivory paper bag shortsand not only is this flattering, but also my go-to style because they are very comfortable in the summer when the weather gets hot. Although you can definitely get away with mid-rise as well, high rise shorts are best fit for thick legs.

The reason is it draws more attention to the waistline, with less focus on thick legs and creates an overall elongated, slimming effect to the bottom half of the body. This is because a high rise elevates the waistline on the body making it appear higher on the body than it naturally is. When selecting shorts to flatter thick legs, choosing the right length of shorts is crucial to adapt some figure flattery benefits.

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You probably know your typical inseam length for jeans and pants, and it is just as important to know what is the best shorts inseam for you. Generally speaking, longer inseam shorts are more flattering if you have thick legs. There is one major rule of thumb when selecting the perfect length of shorts. Make sure the length rests either right above or right below the thickest part of your thigh.

The eye is drawn to wherever the shorts cut off on the body, so if they rest right at the widest part of the thigh that is the area that becomes more of the focus. On the flip side, when shorts rest above or below that area it takes some of the attention away from thicker legs subtly.

If you have thicker legs, often times you may also have wider hips. Whether or not that is the case, you are better off with shorts that offer plenty of space on the hips and thigh are.

Pleated shorts have plenty of space in the hips and the thigh area, which can make thicker legs look less obvious. In addition, having all that extra space is just much more comfortable and allows you to move around more easily, compared with tighter shorts.

Keep in mind, however, that not all dark colored shorts are created equal. The overall fit of the shorts should still be right along with the length to ensure that the shorts are truly flattering on your legs.

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I was wearing this black denim shortswhich is quite comfortable thanks to the high rise de and the longer length, and it can totally make thick legs look more slender. Skorts, like the name suggests, is a combination of skirt and shorts. You probably have seen them on the tennis court, as they are a popular outfit for playing tennis.

The reason is skorts offer a lot of coverage for your hips and thighs, and that can visually camouflage your thicker thighs and legs. Just like the jeans which come in different leg shape, shorts also have different leg opening. One of the main struggles for women with thick legs is shorts fitting too snuggly around the thigh area.

When any garment type fits too snug on an area of the body it accentuates that area. Generally you will want to look out for shorts in the category of wide leg or relaxed fit, these are often the short styles that provide a larger leg hole opening.

When the leg holes fit properly they can actually provide a slimming effect to thick legs. I was wearing this wide leg shorts and it is quite comfortable because it has plenty of space for my hips and thighs.

Shorts that are too loose in their fit will add a lot of extra bulk to the body, primarily the leg area. Everyone is familiar with a-line dresses and skirts but did you know that shorts are also available in an a-line fit? Well, they are! The best part is an a-line shorts silhouette is a major style win for dressing thick legs. That slight flare is what plays a lot of magic in flattering thick legs, particularly when it comes to wearing shorts.

Because the fit is close at the waistline that are of the body is highlighted and slimmed with the subtle flare skimming by thighs adding just enough volume to lengthen and slim the legs. What many women love about a-line shorts, in particular, is they offer an opportunity to camouflage some of the thigh area while still allowing you to enjoy wearing shorts during the warm weather months.

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Side slits added to shorts accommodate thick thighs in a couple of ways. One is that side slits can provide a little extra room in the thigh area of shorts. Another is it can give a slimming effect to legs. Both of these benefits really work hand in hand together to give an overall really flattering fit in shorts to thick thighs. Even a very small slit will do the trick and give you a much more comfortable and figure enhancing look. The good news? It can be a flattering choice for thick legs.

Furthermore, because Bermuda shorts are longer generally resting right above the knee they create an elongated effect to the top half of the legs. This is a really wonderful benefit because anytime an area of the body appears longer than it is, it also looks thinner — something that most women with thick legs strive to achieve from their clothing.

Similar to mentioned above, you will want to ensure that the shorts length is either just above the knee or right below the widest part of the thigh.


This is going to lengthen while still giving you the trendy Bermuda effect. Address. Table of Contents. Hello there! Petite Dressing is an online petite clothing store and fashion blog for to help all women to understand their body shape and dress accordingly to look confident and chic. Start here if you are new. Subscribe to Blog via Never miss a beat! Be the first to know about our weekly styling tips for petites! Work With Me .