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Tia tanaka interview, I'd like tanaka for Tia who interview exotic

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Tia Tanaka Interview

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Tia Tanaka is a Cali-bred Asian girl who was formerly an adult actress. She entered the adult industry at the ripe young age of 18 and stopped shortly after We got a chance to interview this lovely girl about her porn career, what her parents thought about her lifestyle, and her thoughts on Asian guys. Tia Tanaka : I had a friend who was in the business and friends who were interested in being in the business. I asked my friend if I could do some work to see if I liked it and it just kind of took off from there.

My age: I'm 36 years old
What is my ethnicity: I'm greek
I can speak: Russian
What I like to drink: Cider
Favourite music: Reggae
I like: Cooking

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Archived in Interviews. The Pipeline: January Yes, they misspelled my name though. They spelled it Tia Takana when it is really Tia Tanaka. It was given to me by Ed Powers. My friend tanaka in the business, Kitty. We went to high school together and she was the business. She would always tell me that I should do it. She made it sound exciting, but I was hesitant. I just decided to do it and now I love it. It was a boy, boy, boy, girl scene. Were you a little bit intimidated? It could be working with a particular guy.

Tia there are a lot of people in the room, something like that. I was an overachiever. I had to be the interview in school. My mom raised me to be the best at everything. As a kid I hated, that, but now I appreciate it. When did you become sexually active? How much older was he? Just a couple of years.

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Actually he took my virginity, but the first person I messed around with was a girl when I was twelve or thirteen. Do you want to hear about that?

I was only allowed to have one friend over at a time. I became really good friends with this girl and we shared that experience. It was all we could do. It was painful.

I am the one who forced it. People were laughing when we worked together because his dick is bigger than my waist. They are just gross. Ask Kitty, she will never be with an Asian guy. She has been that way since high school. If an Asian guy hit on her she was grossed out.

I think that Asian men are meant for white women. They treat them better than they do Asian women. I worked with Nollie and Steve Holmes.

There is a girl Jasmine Mye who is a spokes model for pornstar. She was here earlier and we all took pictures together. A high school reunion at a porn convention.

What did they teach you girls at that school? Did you all have the same teacher who turned you this way?

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We are all different ages. Jasmine is a little older and I just graduated last year. When I talked to Kitty she said that people were not very surprised when they found she was in porn. I disagree.

I know that I was very surprised when I heard. Yeah I had done that. I had only done it with one guy though. No Swallowing Allowed was five guys. My face was drenched. It smelled like bleach.

It was horrible. If I think of something I really want. I regret the tattoo I have. I got it when I was younger.

The reason I got it was to be the best. All of my friends were getting little flowers and stars and I decided, screw that. Not yet, but my agent says he bought the domain name so it will be coming soon. I went by Sasha Lei, but no one liked Sasha.

I was supposed to be his daughter. I needed a real name so I decided that I liked Tia. Ed told me a needed a last name. We tried Tia Darling, but that sounded a little too western. He came up with Tia Tanaka. Ed was a great guy. Not yet?

Yeah, this guy asked me how it feels being a whore or something stupid like that. None of your movies are out yet so none of these people in line for your autograph have seen you in action. I am working with her next week. And then with our other friend from high school.

That will be movie of the year.

Tia tanaka interview

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Deed by. Interview: Tia Tanaka. Posted on January 1st, Archived in Interviews Leave a comment. Next Post The Pipeline: January What does Tanaka mean?

Maybe Ed thinks I will grow up to be fat. What is your ethnic background?