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Tibette love scenes, Tibette woman scene friend to loves

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Tibette Love Scenes

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Post by WannabeAnon » 20 Feb Post by Guest » 20 Feb TiBette Post Reply posts 10 of Report Quote Reactions. Guest wrote:. I feel like she knows tibette and their relationship more than anyone.

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in Get started. All Things Tibette. By Brittany, Taylor, and Francesca. An actor and a social worker take on The L Word's most iconic couple What could go wrong? Listen on Support.

Where to listen. Google Podcasts. Pocket Casts. This week we read listeners opinions on if TiBette is toxic, talked about the Tina Antis, and then recapped Episode 9 "Last Dance" Don't forget to follow us on twitter alltibettepod and on IG allthingstibettepod. Gen Q Season 2 Episode 5 Recap. Welcome back to ATTP! Don't forget to follow us on twitter alltibettepod and on IG allthingstibettepod. This week we bring you a new series of episodes.

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While on hiatus from recapping OG Tibette scenes, each week we will breakdown the Gen Q episode from our perspectives. We hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed recording it. Limb to Limb.

While making sure the spelling was correct for the episode title I stumbled upon the definition for the phrase Limb to Limb. It simply means "to attack or kill someone in a very violent way" which is exactly how it made us feel while watching it and reviewing it. Also this week catch up on our thoughts and predictions for the rest of S2 of GenQ!

Follow us on IG allthingstibettepod and Twitter alltibettepod.

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Locked Up. Miscellaneous Mischief. Luck, Next Time. Content Warning: This episode does contain some discussion about miscarriage.

Do Ladies Do That? T and Their amazing podcast talks about queer rep and their episodes on The L Word and TLWGQ were so insightful and poignant, we had to talk to them some more.

Hankering for more? Check them out wherever you get your podcasts!

We discuss putting more equality in the ship name, some unexpected nuance in season 3, and how to have hope in these troubled times. Thank you so much for ing us Jules! Ash Silver.

You can find Ash's channel here! Thank you again to Ash for coming onto the podcast. It was a joy having you!

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Listen Up. That two part pilot makes it a pain to figure this stuff out. Thank you for bearing with us. We are very smarticles. It's all about the details when it comes to what makes this couple great.

Season 6 (part 1)

Favorite Scenes. Notable tangents include discussions of bisexuality, accents, and more!

Losing It. If you are able and willing to contribute, please consider clicking the "Support" button on our Anchor ! It'll help us balance our workload and make this podcast the best it can be! Lies, Lies, Lies. Content warning: This episode brought up some serious conversations for us.

Blooper: taylor is sassy af

Blooper: Tibette Overload. Making a podcast is hard. Keeping straight what's been released and what hasn't is even harder. Blooper: Popsicles Are Annoying.

Taylor goes on a tangent shocking really about why people eating in a scene is a props master's worst nightmare. All Things Bette. Featuring our first ever guest on the podcast, Amber, ing us as our resident Bette expert. What makes this beautifully complex woman tick?

Blooper: taylor is sassy af

Tune in to hear our thoughts. Blooper: Taylor is Very Sensitive. A funny interlude from episode 5 in which Brittany dials up the sass. Stay tuned for a brand new full episode tomorrow, March 23!

Let's Do It. All Things Tina. Note: This episode contains discussions about sexual assault of a minor as well as other forms of abuse.

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What do we know about her? What don't we know? Who is the enigma that is Tina Kennard? Tune in to find out! Pilot Pt. Beck Bishop.

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Don't know who that is? Take a listen! Just a quick plug for our dear friends over at the Do Ladies Do That?

They're two hilarious gals from the UK and they'll be doing two episodes on The L Word starting this week. Blooper: Bette Has a New Name. Being in multiple fandoms is hard, Brittany, we know. Stay tuned for a brand new full episode tomorrow, February 23! Blooper: Taylor is Sassy AF. This is mostly what Taylor will find herself editing out of the master recordings.