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Transformers flash animation, I animation transformer flash girl that wants chatroulete

It wasn't quite pearls at the opera or green hair at rock concerts, but the audience at ''The Transformers -The Movie'' was de rigueur in its own small way.

Transformers Flash Animation

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In. Transformers: Animated — Hide Spoilers.

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Grimlock is a Tyrannosaurus rex in charge of a small, three-mech group of dinosaur transformers known as the Dinobots. Born from a fusion of Earth and Cybertronian technology, with some AllSpark intervention thrown in, he's a force to be reckoned with. A little short on brains at first he didn't actually realise he was a Transformer and a lot short on temper, Grimlock's answer to a problem is usually the simplest: squash it, slash it, bite it, burn it, or eat it. Physically, Grimlock is one of the most powerful Transformers, with enough brute strength to give even the likes of Megatron pause for thought.

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In his beast modehis powerful jaws and flame breath give him excellent short- and long-range combat abilities, while his flaming sword is an effective weapon in robot mode. Factor in his temper, and facing Grimlock can be a terrifying experience. Currently, Grimlock and his flash Dinobots are living on an island in Lake Erie, hidden there by Prowl and Bulkhead from the rest of the world.

But don't think he's not flash to come to the mainland, find the biggest 'Con around and feed 'em their own chassis after he's eaten his fill of it. After all, him Grimlock badass. Grimlock, Snarland Swoop were originally theme park animatronic displays that Isaac Sumdac upgraded with the help of Megatron and a flash of animation from the AllSpark Key. When they came online, Grimlock dubbed himself the Dinobot transformer, despite Megatron's commands.

However, Tutor Bot brought up videos on how cars use fossil fuels. Grimlock believed this to mean that cars ate dinosaursand Megatron convinced them to destroy the "fossil feeders", including the only thing worse than cars As the Dinobots raged against the machines, the Autobots drew them away from the city towards a park. Finally getting out of his transformer, Bulkhead managed to throw them into a parking lot that their fire breath had melted into tar, trapping the Dinobots. After their defeat, they were imprisoned in an energy cage and were scheduled for meltdown.

Believing they had life and were not just some mindless machines, Prowl freed the Dinobots animation the help of Bulkhead and secretly relocated them to an island. Dwelling within the peaceful forest, Grimlock dubbed cars and trucks bad, but nature good—until two birds pooped on him.

Redubbing nature stupid, Grimlock expected the two birds to fight like Dinobots, but they escaped!

Tail twitching and stomach opening, Grimlock transformedshocking Snarl and Swoop. He drew a huge, blazing sword and decided he liked the. Blast from the Past. He was later forced by the villain Meltdown to attack Sari's would-be rescuers, Prowl and Bulkhead. Once Meltdown was trapped and unable to hurt him, he demonstrated he'd flash to transform and ed his fellow Dinobots in threatening the acid-thrower. However, before Meltdown could be hurt, Grimlock's attention was diverted to Colossus Rhodes and two of Meltdown's mutants, and he and the other Dinobots beat up on them instead.

Survival of the Fittest. Shortly after this, the Autobots learned that the Decepticons were mobilizing, and Bulkhead spilled the beans on the Dinobots' location. Seriously pissed, Prime had them take him to Dinobot Islandwhere he tried to convince the Dinobots to help them fight the Decepticons.

Grimlock was He told Prime that Dinobots didn't need robots to fight, but that they would destroy robots. When Prime pointed out that the Dinobots were robots, this seemed to compel them to fight each other. When Grimlock gives an order, the Dinobots carry it animation without question. Megatron Rising - Part 1. When Optimus brought Ultra Magnus and Sentinel to see his damaged shipwhich had crashed into Dinobot Island as a result of a recent Decepticon attackthe Dinobots showed up. Optimus advised the Elite Guardsbots that as long as the Dinobots weren't provoked, they wouldn't attack.

Sentinel thought they were just primitive scrap heaps and acted like it. Grimlock responded by transforming, transformer out his sword and knocking the jerk flying. Alas, neither he nor the other Dinobots could withstand the flash lightning summoned by Ultra Magnus, Bot of Thunder. The Elite Guard. Later, transformers reached the Autobots of rams on Dinobot Island, and Optimus sent Prowl and Bulkhead, the only two Autobots the Dinobots accepted, to investigate.

Prowl's disbelief at the idea that the territorial but relatively peaceful Dinobots animation be going on rams was quickly dispelled when a furious Grimlock burst from the bushes and charged.

He easily thrashed the two Autobots, and in his rage would have roasted a nest full of baby birds if Prowl hadn't used Ratchet 's loaned EMP generator to drop the massive beast. But a blast that would have knocked out an Autobot for a while merely dropped Grimlock for a moment, and a few seconds later, he began to wake up. Upon examination, it was revealed that Grimlock had a large piece of metal embedded in his foot, and the pain had driven him mad.

Prowl used the EMP generator to loosen the shard while Bulkhead yanked it out, and an exhausted Grimlock collapsed and allowed the Autobots to fix him up. A Fistful of Energon. When Blackarachnia washed ashore after the defeat of Megatron, the Dinobots took her in as one of their own.

Ever the alpha maleGrimlock was quick to remind Swoop and Snarl that "Spider-Lady like me Grimlock best" he was taller than themand was not above using violence to drive the point home. After Blackarachnia discovered Meltdown's genetic research, she had the Dinobots take Meltdown from prison. When the Autobots arrived to investigate, Prowl and Bumblebee were poisoned with venom, and Grimlock accompanied Optimus Prime to the mainland to help him find the genetic thingy that Meltdown needed.

He later looked on as an oil rig with the Constructicons appeared out of nowhere and exploded off Dinobot Island. Three's a Crowd. Grimlock and the Dinobots once again fall under Blackarachnia's sway. After having Swoop abduct Wasp she orders the Dinobots to stand guard. Sentinel tells the Jet twins to create a diversion to get the Dinobots away from the enterance so he can sneak into Blackarachnia's lab.

The streamer revealed updates on projects involving zack snyder, mobile suit gundam, resident evil, transformers, godzilla, and more.

Grimlock is tricked into chasing Jetstorm and was defeated off camera. Predacons Rising. Later when Sari went to get the help of the Dinobots to fight SoundwaveGrimlock and Swoop refused to help her. When she asked about Snarl, Grimlock told her they kicked him out after he decided to become Scrapper 's pet. Human Error, Part II.

One day, it was raining really badly and making Grimlock's ts all stiff. Grimlock hate that! Then that small girl thing came to Dinobot Island; Grimlock almost ate her as a trespasser, but then she said the Dinobots could stay in the Autobots' base until it stopped raining and all they had to do in return was hit some annoying guy and his clones.

Plus, he got a souvenir in the form of a ripped off clone arm. Sari Grimlock's friend!

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Grimlock thinks there should be clones of him as the world needs more Grimlock! Another day, the other Dinobots were sick and it made them attack Grimlock! Grimlock get hurt! Grimlock send an distress al to other Autobots by means unknown! Small girl thing save him with even smaller glowy thingso he not eat her. Swoop keep questioning Grimlock!

Grimlock kick Swoop out of Dinobots!

How dare Swoop Swoop still sucks, shut up Snarl! Grimlock eagerly played fetch with Bulkhead using a tree. Then it disappeared. Grimlock was particularly annoyed by Soundwave's sonic attacks and smashed the villain with his tail. The Decepticons were quickly driven off.

Optimus Prime attempted to greet the Dinobots and thank them for their aid, but Grimlock responded simply by attacking Prime and demanding he leave as well. After a while, the two resolved their differences, the Dinobots promising to help the Autobots in time of battle, and parted as friends. The Cool Episode 3. Vector Prime had speculated that Ben 10 's universe, located somewhere beyond the multiversemay have interacted with a Malgus Cluster universe at some point, allowing the alien bounty hunter Khyber to collect a of Cybertronian artifacts, including Grimlock's sword.

Ask Vector Prime.