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Tyler perry sucks, Hostess tyler suck up boy to perry

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Tyler Perry Sucks

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Criticism and controversy ring through the air. I would like to explain why. I have not watched said trailer myself, for a few good reasons. The first is that one of the criticisms leveled against Mr Perry is true — his movies suck. Another one.

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As he would say, instead of scrambling for a seat at the table, he went and built his own.

The simple explanation: tyler perry can’t write women

But unfortunately, at that proverbial table sits a legally blind casting director, a scatterbrained editor, the worlds most generic screenwriter and Tyler at the head of it all, deeming it art. We held our collective tongues as Tyler reinforced stereotype after stereotype in the God awful Madea trilogy.

In his films, a world exists where educated black men are always revealed to be blood thirsty woman abusers who can only be brought to justice by Tyler himself, in black grandma drag. We grimaced and cringed as his other films lazily replaced competent location scouts with infomercial quality green screens.

Tyler perry is being dragged after revealing he’s the sole writer of all of his shows

We toiled with the idea of writing this article, because we would never attack another black mans art without rule or reason. The show kicks things off in typical Tyler fashion, as a curiously scruffy dude playing the president assaults his First Lady just seconds before the inauguration.

But the fight itself is staged as though he bursted into a third grade classroom and blindly selected one of those poor children to be his fight coordinator. How is she in the phone while on the airplane? Upon waking up, she randomly accuses him of rape.

Why do tyler perry movies suck so bad?

Then we have his other show, Sistas. We love the premise of a show led by 4 black women, but again, its more of the same from Tyler. Generic one dimensional characters, recycled character archetypes and Jamaica Avenue wigs.

So again, while we salute Tyler for establishing his own studio, we pose this question: Is employing skilled, creative black writers to flesh out your ideas too much to ask? There is nooo lack of talent out there, bruh. in. Log into your .

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