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Vanessa bryant fat, Bryant vanessa fat up guy to flirts

BXWF 47 on now. The difference between 10K, 14K, and 18K gold.

Vanessa Bryant Fat

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Hollywood is full of lies and rumors with the occasional truth here or there. So when talk heated up that boxer Victor Ortiz was linked with Vanessa Bryant, his people quickly stepped up to set the truth straight. Lance Pugmire is a sports reporter for the Los Angeles Timesand he tweeted what the manager of Ortiz had to say about these crazy rumors. Ortiz was born and raised in Kansas, so it's easy to believe that statement. Plus, if you've ever seen some of the girls in the mid-west, you'd know why he'd be smitten for the blondes.

Years: I'm 31 years old
What is my ethnicity: Welsh
Figure features: My figure features is quite slim
What I like to listen: Latin
In my spare time I love: Blogging
Body tattoos: I don't have tattoos
Smoker: Yes

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Behind every hot woman is some guy that is sick of putting up with her shit.

Maybe Kobe started seeing Vanessa's ass start to get fat, and decided to cut bait and run. She is Latina, and her ass is genetically going to get huge. Good god I know Kobe was relatively young when they married I down-voted both of the original fail posts, maybe we can get this bad boy going like the last epic down-vote thread. Can't wait to see the rapist out of the street corner with a cardboard begging for quarters. But as we all know, this will be the best way the NBA can sell itself to the suckers that watch that crap to begin with.

Kobe isn't even going to be the main draw in La this season, let alone, the main draw in the league.

I just used JYD link and actually posted the pic he's too dumb to post. Double fail on JYD. Again, try posting pics on mobile, idiot.

Been complaint about it since we switched. I can post Vids and links fine, but still hasn't fixed the issue from my phones about the pics issue.

Is that my fault, jackass? She fucked up Pau Gasol's relationship with his girl by starting rumors and shit about him cheating. She is known as being a first rate cunt.

She'll get half his shit and then probably fuck Shaq to get back at Kobe. How does that explain you using a pic of the wrong woman?

Hyperlinked the wrong picture on Google search when I went to copy it. Now, you can flame me for that. Start New Topic. Jim Shorts.

How could you cheat on that? More Options. Dr Leo Spaceman.

Sorry guys but I think Karl Malone called dibs back in Maybe she is trading up and gonna start banging Chris Paul. Slap Johnson.

Rise and Fire. Tree Rat. What a bummer. Snake Plissken. She was a back-up dancer in the video he shot for his Hip-Hop album that never got released.

Their big fat greek vacation! kobe bryant enjoys a relaxing holiday with wife vanessa and their two daughters in mykonos

Shaq is with Hoops. That relationship is REAL.

Maybe Kobe has two wives? JYD, perhaps your close personal friend Jason Richardson can hook you up?