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Walkure romanze season 2, Ukrainian season Walkure up romanze for naughties

Takahiro acts as an advisor to the riders of the sport. Takahiro goes through each day tediously until the time of the annual competition draws near. Due to some odd circumstances, his childhood friend Mio Kisaki is enrolled into the competition.

Walkure Romanze Season 2

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Horse ending is true ending. I'm glad they went with Celia winning as it would have been terrible if Mio won in her first tournament without any official teaching. I'm annoyed that they didn't do the final joust in full, though. I loved that he took off when confronted about the choice, but the after credits scene was probably the best thing in the episode.

Thank god. Everyone was saying that they thought Mio was going to make a comeback after losing rounds with a feather fly. Now I go and watch this episode in peace. Edit: Finished watching it and I'm content.

Glad to see Takahiro decide to be a knight again. The ending to this episode was great.

Have to say, that although this anime over all had little to do with jousting and more to do with fan service, i was pleased over the outcome of the final match. I'm glad they didn't pull the whole predictable and over used ending of a newbie coming into an event and just dominating the field from all the pro's who have been doing it for a few years.

Celia's face at this scene just made me feel sad, she looks so dejected despite the fact that she had won, like she was feeling the hurt from his decision to go against her in the end. Have to admit that i was hoping that Celia would pull the victory in the tournament.

She was my fav girl so i guess that was a little bias of me. So, I could never get over te fact that when they jousted they rammed with their arm forward. This is something you cannot do while riding a horse that is going at full speed.


It would break your arm in a heartbeat. But I got to ep 3, so maybe I want to end it, romanze should I expect? More, not season near real life jousting? My jimmies were definately rustled by the fact that the last match just ended up being a montage. However having Celia win and the post-credits part which was pretty awesome gave my jimmies a good unrustling. Now I know this series isn't exactly seen as "objectively good" but I personally enjoyed it quite a bit. I liked most of the cast which is rare for me with harems one of my favourite characters was Fiona who I know alotta people disliked and I actually really liked how tame it was for a harem, none of those "I'm gonna beat you within an inch of your life for seeing my pantsu" kind of overreactions or the overly jealous bitchiness from the girls which I found really refreshing.

What can I say, I guess I just like my knightly armoured babes. At least Mizuno did the things I wanted to see post-match: not becoming a begleiter but an actual knight, giving our prez her promised okonomiyaki, and Mio getting shot down when she asked about what promise. Yeah I was pretty Walkure.

The most reasonable winner of the tournament. Takahiro not pussying out and actually jousting again.

"walkure romanze" summary

Mio not being the destined chosen one for both the tournament not relationship. I usually don't partake in these things but Celia is clearly best girl. As a story character she's probably considered boring but only because she's great in every way while still being modest. Good thing I checked. You got in about 2 minutes before I did. My notes:. When she was on her back and everyone was standing over her did anyone get a flashback to A Knight's Tale "You have been weighed" scene?

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Wow, wooow. I haven't seen a rushed action sequence with music like this since Gundam Wing. And damn. We didn't call is exactly right. StuCo prez still won. I know this show needed a little more something. Drunk Bertille is definitely it. And somehow at the end, he turns it around and becomes awesome. Almost pulling some Batman level disappearing but sticking around to get the last word. One way that the Mirelle walking business might have gone down is that Mirelle probably could have physically walked, but it was a psychosomatic response that she couldn't.

She probably didn't have much response after the accident and believed she couldn't walk so she actually couldn't walk. Haha, well I didn't see a discussion thread after I finished watching, so I made it myself. As for the episode, it was pretty much what I expected.

Mireille walking and going all "Onee-sama!! I could've seen Takahiro running to "take care of the horses" from a mile away when confrunted by the girls. But clearly the whole thing after the ED was the best moment of the series aside from the jousting matches in the first couple of episodes.

You're inside thier hearts Fondling motions with hands. Well, thank god I was wrong last thread! Yes someone gets it! All about hmph-da'sFiona's a babe Okay, that ending was less bollocks than I was expecting. On the negative side, they still managed to delay Takahiro choosing to be someone's Begleiter until the point where it actually no longer mattered. Oh well, in the end the series turned out to be not bad, but not great either.

LoL, so whos the real winner in this anime besides from takahiro? Am I the only one who wondered just what the fuck Takahiro's injury was? I mean there was literally zero reason shown for him to not compete on his own in the series. Found the internet! Posted by.

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. My jimmies were definately rustled by the fact that the last match just ended up being a montage However having Celia win and the post-credits part which was pretty awesome gave my jimmies a good unrustling Now I know this series isn't exactly seen as "objectively good" but I personally enjoyed it quite a bit. BOOM Wow, he made a decision.

Friends I know this show needed a little more something. Wow, way to make his decision a non-decision guys. Also, what the fuck was that at the end? Bertille somehow got drunk off of juice. Probably not done on purpose, but a nice touch nonetheless. Fondling motions with hands Uh, sorry.

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