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Wendys mom gravity falls, Mom gravity picking falls for Wendys

Wendy and Dipper find and old drive-in cinema with a locked cabinet inside the projector room…. One summer the two decided to put their passion for old cheesy movies the worst they could find la la la to action and try to refurbish and old drive in cinema.

Wendys Mom Gravity Falls

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Spoiler alert! Summer has finally come to an end on Gravity Falls— the series concluded Monday night in an hour-long finale. Their plan prompted Ford to reveal a prophecy and a solution to beat Bill: to use the symbol-filled wheel hinted throughout the entire series to trap him. But then everyone hit an obstacle: Stan revealed he was annoyed at Ford, which inadvertently brought up many years of unresolved issues…and caused Bill to destroy the wheel, which trapped both Stan and Ford instead.

Although the twins were forced to make amends, Bill then threatened the other twins, Dipper and Mabel.

To celebrate better days ahead, the town threw Dipper and Mabel a birthday-slash-going away party, Stan announced that he and Ford were leaving and tracking down weirdness anomalies around the world and Soos got named as the new Mystery Shack manager. With so much happening in the hour-long series finale, we spoke to series creator Alex Hirsch to find out how he wanted to end the show.

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How does it feel now that the series is over? I feel very good. I am at peace. As dangerous as Bill was, were any of the main characters really in danger of dying? We demand death. Gravity Falls is a show about growing up, and the main arc of the series is to have our characters deal with that challenge: What does it mean to grow up?

What does it mean to change? Can you grow older without losing that spark of childhood inside of you?

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The kids, in my heart, were never in danger of dying or anything like that. I personally prefer the Pines alive. Was it always the plan to never show it work?

We had a hunch about the situations that would play out in the grand finale, but the exact ificance of that, and whether it would even appear in the show, is something that was originally not something we had invented yet. Ultimately, the show is about characters and their choices. It was nice to see Stan pull one last con and save the day.

How did you decide to have Stan be a hero in the end? He tried to run. What made you shift the focus of the final conflict to Ford and Stan instead?

We saw Weirdmageddon as essentially one big storyalmost like a movie. After Weirdmageddon 2, Dipper and Mabel have, for the most part, completed their character arcs. Dipper, as a character who wants to grow up too fast, agreeing to slow down. Once those conflicts were resolved, Dipper and Mabel are now united. Their only conflict is physical. They have to save the town, but emotionally, they have grown.

The only remaining emotional wound is the rift between Stan and his brother by Weirdmageddon 3. And so, now was the time to address it.

Mabel and Dipper have an emotional moment with Stan. Why did he eventually get his memory back? It was never the plan for Stan to lose his memory fully. I love these characters. I loved to see that they are willing to risk it all, but I love them too much to have them lose it all or actually die.

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The idea that the memory gun would be a way to defeat Bill seemed like a good way, within our internal rules, to take down a character who seemed undefeatable, but at the end of the day, it was very important that Dipper and Mabel would have a final goodbye with their Uncle Stan that was a real goodbye—[that] the Stan we know, and the Dipper and Mabel that we know, got to look each other in the eye, see how much they meant to each other and hug before [the twins] got on that bus to leave town.

If Stan had lost his memory for good, that would [have] provided some interesting narrative places for him and his brother to go, but ultimately the show is about the .

Stan and his brother are meant to be a parable [that show] what can go wrong in a family relationship, [but also] show that, with hard work and sacrifice, the riff can be repaired. Even though Ford might deserve that punishment, Dipper and Mabel do not.

Ultimately, I felt it would be unfair for them to go through that. As an audience member, I wanted to see that final goodbye.

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You showed us what happens to almost everyone. I wanted to say goodbye to all the main characters, and essentially, for the most part, we did that. Unfortunately, the reality of it is, in television your episodes have length limitations.

If I could have added an extra 20 minutes to this episode, I would have said goodbye to a of other characters and had more important roles for some of them. Nivea Serrao February 18,pm. Gravity Falls where to stream Subs. Powered by. Gravity Falls Alex Hirsch.