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Why anime is stupid, Swede Why search anime for stupid

Most of us would be surprised, but there are legitimate reasons: too sweet, too fattening, or maybe allergies.

Why Anime Is Stupid

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Over-exaggerated expressions,hard to follow animation and just screaming is all anime is. Edit: This was my opnion and dbz was tge examole i gave. Hi everyone! I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

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A thin line separates stupidly funny jokes from just plain old stupid jokes, but anime has a knack for getting this right.

Be it dumb characters or random humor, certain Japanese series turn ineptitude into an art form. Although certain shows present characters so extraordinary foolish that one cannot help but wonder how they even function, a bit of silliness can go a long way in making someone relatable.

Anime is stupid

It also does not hurt when they happen to be hilarious. For those looking to laugh out loud while watching mostly but not only teenagers bumble their way through life, then these anime should hit the spot. Kenji Kazama and his two closest friends aspire to be delinquents who can rule Fujou Academy through intimidation and fear. The only problem is that Kenji is pretty awful at being bad; in fact, the group's first day at school ends with their leader being blackmailed into ing the Game Development Club.

Kenji is a likable protagonist who constantly gets dragged into situations by the Game Development Club, leading to many gloriously dumb moments. Nichijou is a very clever comedy that happens to feature one of anime's funniest stupid characters. Yuuko Aioi is the posterchild of "not trying too hard.

Yuuko is a treasure but she is not the only character who brings a touch of silliness to Nichijouan anime that includes a random scene of a school principal wrestling a deer. It is not even the show's weirdest moment. Magnificent chins and irredeemable characters are the cornerstones of Gakuen Handsomea hilarious satire of yaoi series.

Featuring an insert protagonist so nondescript that he literally does not have eyes, Gakuen Handsome mocks the genre's cliches through over-the-top setups and irreverent payoffs. The anime can be a bit off-putting initially, as the purposefully horrendous art style toes the line between comedy brilliance and just being painful to look at; however, it improves with every episode and ends on a punchline that can rival any in terms of sheer ridiculousness. A minor classicSchool Rumble is about teenage romance and the way it has a habit of causing people to lose their minds.

In a nice change of pace, Tenma Tsukamoto, a female character, fills the role of the remarkably dense character who fails to recognize the advances of a love interest.

Now, to be fair, Kenji Harima is also a bit of an idiot. Kenji and Tenma are just two of School Rumble 's six main characters, all of which inspire moments that are liable to be greeted with a straightforward "seriously?

Stupidity is situational. On the battlefield, Sousuke Sagara is a highly trained sergeant who could be the difference between life and death.

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Sousuke's military upbringing and overly serious demeanor translate into a student who lacks even the slightest inkling of what is considered socially acceptable in a classroom. Without mechas to pilot and forced to pretend to be an ordinary student to babysit Kaname Chidori, Sousuke spends the entirety of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu going from one misunderstanding to the next.

While drowning out at sea, Nagasumi Michishio is saved by a mermaid named Sun Seto.

Unfortunately, as mermaids are prohibited from advertising their existence, Nagasumi is forced to agree to marry Sun to avoid her execution. This odd couple premise is given a welcome dose of insanity through the anime's various parodies and the characters who seem to really want to kill Nagasumi. My Bride is a Mermaid has a surprisingly effective romance as its core, but this is still principally a comedy series.

Excel Saga flips things around by following the antics of the "villains" seeking to rule the world. Lord Il Palazzo sends Excel and Hyatt to take over Fukuoka city, a mission that would be pretty simple if either character was remotely competent.

This is especially the case when it comes to Excel, whose inherent liveliness proves to not mean much when her missions have a habit of ending with her demise. Excel Saga is a parody series that targets almost every genre imaginable.

Cromartie High School is home to the most dangerous and peculiar delinquents one can imagine. In a climate boasting thugs, robots, gorillas, and rock singers, the "normal" Takashi Kamiyama might just be the weirdest member of the student body.

Although not lacking in absurdist humor, Cromartie High School 's comedic brilliance is due to the way it shatters expectations when it comes to its colorful cast of characters. The students find progressively dumber ways to try and maintain their reputations. Gintama is not exclusively a comedy, but the anime is at its best when it is trying to make audiences laugh.

Following the antics of the Odd Jobs crew and the many quirky characters who call Edo home, Gintama is willing to push the envelope to score a giggle. This practice can entail intense showdowns over nabe pots or toilet paper, a wanted rebel who cannot help but constantly broadcast his identity, and all of the parodies in the world.

Although only a handful of characters — Kondo and Katsura — are genuine idiots, Gintama revels in stupidity more than almost any other series. The anime's comedy is driven by the characters, who can turn even the most normal of situations into demonstrations of unbridled stupidity.

It is stunning to behold. By Mark Sammut Published Jun 28, Share Share Tweet 0.

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