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Why beyonce sucks, I'm Why chica beyonce like simulators

Okay, so before the Beyhive ruins my life in the comments, please hear me out. First, we need to address the lack of captions. She and her stylist s are to be commended.

Why Beyonce Sucks

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Four days since the final Beychella performance, my ghost wrote this. Because I died. Right there, on my couch, I screamed. For the next two hours, I was glued to my laptop, either weeping at her excellence or singing along or screaming at some amazing move she did.

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Figure features: My body features is chubby
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Rappers and celebrities often the conversations as well. The Miami rapper-turned-radio personality also claimed that his godmother gave Bey vocal lessons throughout the singer's career.

That's why they together. New York lost Biggie and they needed a hero, they wanted a mega of hip-hop and they just handed it over to Jay-Z.

Jigga made a lot of money. Did I say anything disrespectful?

Did I call them out they name? No I didn't. Trick concludes that if you have a problem with people speaking their minds then he feels sorry for those who are offended.

But at this point, he's not going to change his viewpoints about the hip-hop couple. In response to Trick's remarks, the Beyhive is flooding his comment section on his Instagram with hundreds of the bumblebee emojis.

Meanwhile, fellow rapper Trina, who hosts the Miami radio morning show with Trick Daddy, wants no smoke from the Beyhive. The Queen," Trina wrote in the caption. Trent Fitzgerald Published: June 22, : News.

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