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Why does my stomach hurt after being fingered, I hurt up After that wants being

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Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Being Fingered

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Home More advice Sex. You know, weird feelings after sexual activities of all sorts are something that is reported pretty frequently by folks. There could be a couple of reasons for this. First of all, when we're sexually active, we tend to become more aware of our bodies than we were before. Normal gas or other regular bodily quirks that we wouldn't make much note of during regular instances are suddenly brought to our attention. Another factor that could play a part here is that when we are sexually active, all of those bits and organs involved in arousal and sex are getting extra blood flow, so it's not unusual to feel some different sensations than you have when not aroused.

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Okay, so. I am 16 years old.

Last night, I was with my boyfriend. And things got intense. We started to kiss and then he continued to finger me. But I made sure that he hadn't masturbated before doing this action. I asked him when the last time he masturbated, and he said he couldn't remember. So I believed him that it was safe because it was probably a few days ago before this happened. I got my period Sunday which was the 23rd, and it got over Thursday. After this happened I started to feel gross.

Like, my lower stomach hurt and where my ovaries are started to feel like there were cramps happening. This was my first time being fingered and it really hurt. I don't know if I just got a stomach ache from being hungry because I hadn't eaten alot before this but the feeling continued throughout the day today.

I am married from two months, whenever i do sex with my husband it hurts my abdomen and i feel like farting also i get severe urine infection.

I am very nervous and I don't know what to do. Please, help me. Answer Question. Read Responses. Related Questions.

Could I be pregnant possibly? He said there was Pregnant from fingering?!?!?! HELP Alannabanana I am feeling nausea and lower abdominal pain with loose motion after being fingered.

So me and my boyfriend were watching a movie and then we got intimate and he started to finger me then he ejaculated jerked it off as w Contraception with antibiotics Tjln Hello everyone this is mainly a question from my partner we did some research and from what we saw there shouldn't be an issue.

My partne Well positive. U cant get pregnant from being fingered i think ur just a little paranoid i went through the same thing when i was ur age.

Helpful - 0. If u really think u could get pregnant this way And NOT have anything to do with boys. See a doctor You are not pregnant sweetie, there is no way you can get pregnant from getting fingered. Maybe he did it too hard. If this is your first time then its of course going to feel weird and different and your estrogen is going crazy because of the horomones that are released when you are sexually active.

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Plus, you're being paranoid. My stomach still hurts. This happened Friday night and I am still so nervous I might be pregnant. My stomach is like gurgling and making noises and it's just a gross feeling. My stomach also hurts to press down on. Is this bad!? Stress and anxiety can cause your stomach to feel upset. Your stomach also makes gurgling noises naturally when you digest food.

It could be gas as well.

And let's say hypothetically that you did get pregnant even though there is no way you could beyour stomach wouldn't be hurting a couple days after. Babies don't grow that fast.

Just saw you wrote this back in So, how did everything go in these last 7 years? Babies don't grow that fast but it could've been her body getting ready for the pregnancy in which can cause soreness around the vagina along with cramps in the lower abdomen because your uterus is expanding or getting ready to.

You are definitely not pregnant, nor could you be pregnant from your boyfriend inserting his fingers inside you. Women can only get pregnant when they are ovulating. You ovulate 14 days after the last day of your period. That's because the egg is in the right place to be fertilized.

You're young.

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I suggest you research everything there is to know about sex and pregnancy. It will help you understand your body a lot more. You're not pregnant though, so I wouldn't worry about it anymore. It is impossible to get pregnant by a finger.

Even if sperm residue was on it. But unless he had long fingernails and scratched your insides, a finger doesn't do anything to you. If you don't know how you can get pregnant you deffinetly are not mature enough to be doing any of that.

You probably should just stick to kissing. Your certainly not pregnant, and I know you might be searching up things such as; "Can you get pregnant by fingering" or "symptoms of pregnancy" but I honestly think that this is due to stress of not being prepared for sexual activities and the feeling of "grossness and dread" is due to gulit. You may convince yourself of "feeling" pregnant because of this experience but don't fret.

Honestly, if your paranoid of getting pregnant just make sure the activities your doing are safe! There are more ways than Just One to feel loved and pleasured, this is coming from a girl who's been in your shoes.

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Stay safe! You are not pregnant. The pain is likely from your boyfriend being too rough. I doubt seriously that you are pregnant.

However I think that it could be possible that his hand might not have been clean and you might have at UTI or some kind of bacteria infection. My advice to you is to read and learn about this situation before you engage in this kind of activity and if the pain continue, maybe see a doctor because it's probably just an infection.

You are definitely not pregnant for his finger having sperm on it. I don't think sperm can even survive that long outside. Good luck :. She also had her period. There is no reason to make her panic.

U can not get pregnant like that. You can get pregnant if sperm comes in contact with the vagina for example a few years ago 2 girls got pregnant because some guy came in a pool they were in. Omg she is not pregnant from being fingered.