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Why kylo ren sucks, I would like ren up kylo that Why emotions

This is Thesecret

Why Kylo Ren Sucks

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The most popular character in the new Star Wars movies is, without a doubt, Kylo Ren. His narrative value is so universal it even applies to insane trolls who hate everything else about these movies.

What is my age: 44
What is my ethnicity: Czech
Sexual identity: Guy
Tone of my iris: Cold gray-blue eyes
What is my figure type: My figure type is quite chubby
Music: Electronic
Tattoo: None

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She had friends, well, a few anyways. She loved old music more than She loved old music more than anything in the world. Honestly, life c Leaning against my car, I was listening for her, actually. It was very silent. I began to feel bad.

Did she get in trouble because of me? I really hope not. I sighed, my breath floating out of my mouth in a frozen cloud. I guess I had been lost in though so I forgot to listen for her.

I turned around and it took me a second to recognize her. She smiled at the confusion on my face.

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I replayed the images in her head. She cut it herself, and she did a very good job at it. The picture above is what your hair looks like now, but it's your hair color, not blonde. I nodded. Will you help me bring it in? I opened up the trunk to my car and carefully pulled it out. She began thinking of the mess in her room. I sighed with relief. I really wanted to know what happened last night, but I guess if she didn't want me to know, I wouldn't invade her thoughts. We carried the project to the science room.

Chapter 10

After that, we walked to our first class together. A distressing thought hit me. I can understand if certain things make her uncomfortable, but if she trusted me, wouldn't she tell me?

I glanced down at her. She looked tired now that I saw her in the light. Did she not sleep last night? I scoffed. She rolled her eyes and laughed.

Her face flushed and she smiled like a goofball. A cat that's dying very dramatically. It's probably not even dying, it's just doing it for attention. Here, it sounds like a cat that's outside while theres another cat that's getting ready to attack it and it really, really wants in so it yowls as loud and obnoxiously as it possibly can.

That's what my singing sounds like," she explained. I get stage fright and freak out when I have to sing in front of a crowd. Even my parents rarely hear me sing," she giggled to herself.

I shook my head, not believing her. We're going to leave tomorrow, so I don't miss anything," he explained. It looks great on you. What're you doing for Christmas again? My parents have relativesbut they live way out of state and my dad doesn't feel like traveling and the other side doesn't either.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So we decided to mail the gifts and call it good," I told him, not looking at him. Finn's face went a little pale. I never agreed to a snowball fight," I told her. You have no choice," she smiled. It's already in motion," she laughed.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

Finn shifted uncomfortably and smiled awkwardly. Finn smiled and looked at me again, his smile fading. My jaw tightened as I followed closely behind them. It's not like I liked her like that. If he really, really liked her, why didn't he tell her? She was just a friend to me. Just a friend. As always, Finn was tense around Ren. I've never been sure why. Maybe Finn just didn't like Ren?

I knew Ren could read his mind, and I knew Ren didn't like Finn, but I had no idea if he returned those feelings. I wish they'd just both get along. Anyways, after the school day was over, I was forced to go home.

I wanted to go home anyways, because really needed to clean things up. My parents weren't home yet. I guess I could've listened to music, but I didn't want to risk it. Instead, I actually got to work. While I was cleaning, I found an package of empty disks that you could burn music onto.

Kind of like a newer version of a mixtape. Well, I was staring at those disks when I suddenly got an idea for a Christmas gift for Ren. After the disk was complete, I put it in the pink stereo that I've had since I was a kid and pressed play. Soon, my own cat cry was screeching through the speakers.

I had really tried my best, but it still sounded really bad. So much for a few day's work. I heard a knock on my door. My dad smiled.

Why kylo ren will almost definitely die at the end of ‘star wars: episode 9’

Not at all. It just surprised me. I'm used to the braids. Anyways, what're you doing? Do we have any black wrapping paper? And you said for Ren? I nodded and looked down at the disk in my hands. I kind of made him a mixtape with me singing.

My dad's eyes lit up. I thought that you said you're never going to share it with anyone. EVER," he quoted.

My dad was quiet. His smile softened a bit and he sighed. If you want, you can use the landline to call Ren. How about Red? In the park. In the snow. In the cold.