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Women squirting stories, I looking up woman that squirting naughties

Female ejaculation tips. Here are real life stories of female squirting and gushing, True story I went from no orgasm to squirting overnight, What does ejaculate fluid smell and taste like, How I learned to love the gush, Myths about squirting, The truth about female squirting, Facts on female squirting and the mystery. This article will attempt to answers most of your questions regarding female ejaculate as some of it remains mystery for reasons no one knows.

Women Squirting Stories

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The story starts several years ago. My wife and I started a little game. We would take turns telling each other stories about past and future fantasies, and sexual experiences. Wow, what a turn-on we get from each other's fantasies and stories. With both Rebecca and I pinned to the headboard, the alien asked us to both cum for him.

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I found there to be a general lack of concrete information on the subject and a disproportionate amount of faked or exploitative situations featuring so-called squirting. And so I asked you for your stories — and you delivered! Send me your story!

I love to hear about your first experience, most intense, what makes you squirt hardest, embarrassing moments or anything related to squirting you would like to get out there and share. Your story can be as long as you like, this is your platform! My first time with a squirter was amazing, incredibly hot, and somewhat startling the first time I realized what was happening. Massive turn ons in all aspects. Oh, and she was fairly recently divorced, and looking to get laid.

At this point, I was relatively inexperienced sexually. I had heard about squirtingbut never seen or experienced it in person. The first time I got Rebecca off, she was in the passenger seat of my car. After some making out and mutual groping, my hand made my way down her pants. From the moment my hand started started touching her clit, she was incredibly responsive. Moaning loudly, gasping, grabbing on to the armrest, and begging me to stop torturing her and just fuck her.

For some reason, I decided not to that night. While working her clit and labia, I noticed she was story incredibly wet. Also a massive turn on. A night or two later, I was going down on her in her bed, sucking her clit and rubbing her G squirt, I prepared to actually have sex with her for the woman time. Again, she was incredibly wet and moaning loudly while her legs twitched and she ground her pelvis into my face.

As her moaning got louder and faster, all of a sudden my world exploded. My nose and eyes flooded, almost choking me, forcing to lean up to not drown. She almost screamed in time with each jet of juice all over me and in the air as her hips bucked. Wiping my face off, I climbed on top of her and slid inside of her. What followed was my amazing sexual experience up to that point, and possibly ever.

Rebecca squirted easily and frequently, quivering and squirting massive stories every single time. I loved getting absolutely soaked and having this amazing woman going into veritable seizures the whole time. She had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. She had never heard the term, and seemingly assumed that all women came like that. We only ended up having sex a handful of times, each time with her blasting me every time she orgasmed.

The second or third time we were together, she once squirted so hard that she pushed me out of her- woman I was on top. Truly, a wonderful experience. I was lamenting turning Another fellow at the nudist club pool asked me if I thought my best sex years were behind me. As my mind began to grasp the weight of his casual question, it occurred to me that perhaps I was in decline.

Maybe I would never know the exquisite carnal pleasure that I shared with my wife and our girlfriend before they were taken from me. Perhaps the best WAS behind me. My shoulders sank. This was the Riverboat. Hopeful and curious, I took her hand and she walked me over to her husband. The Fuck Barge was packed.

Squirt confession stories and sins

Couples and a threesome going at it. Single guys watching, some masturbating…. The play tent was crowded too and there was a couple in the houseboat. We were running out of options. As we were already naked, she gave me a little shove and plopped me down on the bed.

Laying comfortably on her back, I scooched up between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs. I began to pick up her scent. I also caught the scent of urine and my penis pushed deeper into the mattress.

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I slowly, gently nuzzled around her mound, feeling her soft, fine pubic hair as it brushed my nose. I reached my hands up and parted her pretty pink labia. That was beautiful. She was wet. My tongue probed her vagina — delicately — and she moaned. I licked her clit… left and right over her labia… I was being gentle. I did this for a while until her breath quickened and she was beginning to twitch. Before long, she let out a whimper and there it was — shot directly into my mouth — her lovely, warm, fragrant squirt! I was in heaven — mind blown! Brenda was only my 2nd squirter ever.

I had no idea what was squirt in store for me. I maintained a rhythm, my lips locked on, my tongue circling her enlarging clitoris and then it happened again. This time, her hips bucked and she was pushing her womanhood onto my face — Squirt! I was greedily lapping up every drop. Oh dear Gawd — Nirvana!! Seeing my appreciation for her story, she let herself go completely into orgasm. I was firmly erect and throbbing. Semen was dribbling from my purple engorged woman cap. I moved on her and mounted her in an instant. She whimpered again. I slowly pushed my bulging member fully into her hot, soaked pussy.

Excruciatingly glorious! And then I began thrusting. Slowly but deeply at first. She clasped her arms around my back and pulled me close. God she smelled of sex — she was intoxicating. I kissed her — deeply, our tongues intertwined. She was tasting her own juices in my mouth. I began bucking harder and she cried out as another stream of female ejaculate washed over my pumping penis.

This drove me wild.

At this one party…

I was out of control, thrusting wildly now and deeper. I could feel her vagina pulsating around my engorged shaft. She seemed so euphoric — so enraptured…. I was rhythmically plowing her when another stream soaked my loins. I was in heaven and I looked at her and grinned.

Give me your seed. My penis sprayed inside her 6 or seven times. My load was huge. I had never had sex this hot. I imagine she could feel me cumming inside her. It was magical. Eve ntually, I collapsed on top of her — spent. We were both panting and sweating. Brenda died shortly after in August of from surgical complications.