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Young thug cross dressing, I liked cross thug that young shoes

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Young Thug Cross Dressing

Online: 2 hours ago


Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. We all remember that Gucci dress he wore in Dazed Magazine and the ruckus that set off. Most recently, he was wearing a dress in his Calvin Klein ad campaign.

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Dress-wearing, Ugg boot-rocking rapper Young Thug is an artist well known for defying gender expectations. His latest curveball? L ast week, a video surfaced of Young Thug berating two black female airline workers for not allowing him to board a flight he was late for.

Young thug talks about crossdressing for cover of new album

But amid the anger was an overriding sense of disappointment. It was as if it was a surprise to find Young Thug reverting to the egotistical, misogynistic braggadocio present in his entire discography.

For some time now, Young Thug has been posited as the poster child for progression within rap. Gushing profiles rattled on about his services to patriarchy-smashing, with little mention of anything else besides his outfits.

Gender also matters when, in his music, women only exist on bended knee and voiceless. Painfully, the very black women he denigrates have been those continually championing his flamboyance. And though we are by now used to raising glasses in clubs to songs about how little we mean to the men whose pockets we continually line, his denigration stings far more than others.

The disappointment lies in the fact that he was billed as an eccentric, effeminate exception from the usual woman-bashers. The problem is, he never really was. Heralded as the new face of more inclusive rap, he is merely the old face in fancy new clothes.

A costume change is easier than a change of content. Patriarchal strictures stay entirely unchallenged, women remain nothing more than canvases for cum shots.

But hey, the new dress code is fabulous. This article is more than 4 years old.

Yomi Adegoke. Tue 13 Dec Young Thug: 'I like everything people say about me — you gay, you a punk, you can't rap, you're the hardest'.

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