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Zootopia judy x nick fanfiction, Fanfiction am Zootopia up nick judy wants chatroulete

Hey everyone I'm back after a year to announce that i made a new Zootopia themed smut story.

Zootopia Judy X Nick Fanfiction

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Nick Wilde frowned as he heard the sound of someone at the door of his house. He didn't usually have many visitors, so Walking over and opening the door, he found himself looking down at the shorter form of his soon-to-be-partner Judy Hopps. She looked around, noting the spartan furnishings of a single guy.

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Judy huffs, tapping her foot slightly annoyed.

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After putting away her equipment, she starts to grab her jacket inside when she sees a tank top given for training when it got hot. Impossibly, it was a size too small but still fit. After slipping off her long sleeve and bullet vest, she slips it on. The built in bra feels a little snug but otherwise, the navy blue tank top fit like a glove.

Exposing her neck, shoulders and a little but of her chest, she almost shivered even though it was toasty.

She ignores her insecurities and grabs her phone, headphones, and cash along with her present for Chief. Walking out the locker, Nick did a double take. Maybe this had not been a good idea, Nick seemed to jump at the opportunity to speak over the change.

The station is quiet, void of many officers as they walk out. They both get out and start crossing as he follows closely to her. He adjusts his tie and straighten his collar as they go in. Dozens of police officers mill around, the sound of slamming fists, laughter and clinks of beer fill the room. Chief sets the tankard, and bends down to grab the gift. She has trouble holding it up the wrapped box gift as she lifts on her toes to give it up. Officer Wilde looks at the scene in amazement, the little hopper is completely clueless of the flirting from the smitten Officer Woods.

He starts to feel a jerk on his heart as Officer Woods leans close and starts to stride over. Her ears balk and stand straight as his ears twitch in annoyance. You should know t-this you flirt all the time! Just leave me alone! This was so fun to write! Anyone notice all my puns!

Officer Woods was a tiger, like Tiger Woods! HA I am so hilarious. And collected here for easier linkability! Grab your tissues and prepare for a feels tornado. Here are 5 Dramione fics that will make you sob like a baby:. Sanando Heridas is the name of it.

However the person who wrote hardly ever updated the fanfic…… in fact she stopped at chapter 11 for YEARS. I thought for sure she quit writting and ever so often i would remember that one fanfic i always loved and would google it and re-read it all over again.

I might cry because holy shit there are 6 whole new chapters…i am so excited.

Chapter 3: a flame long since burned

She started the fic in and as of now it has only 17 chapters. After eating his dumplings and pre brunch snack, he walks out onto the training room to see Tigress with her eyes closed and balancing two eggs on a blades flat part. She lifts one leg and slides an egg down to her foot, wile moving the other Ima. Circular motion.

She grabs it with her free hand and valances it on her pinkie finger. He aims for her side when she kicks the egg up and hits Po in the face with her foot.

Nickxjudy stories

Before catching the egg again softly. She opens her eyes and smiles at Po. The orphanage is Bao Gu in the Valley of Peace. Do you know how they end up there? He had something to go back to, his dad and he considered the Furious Five as his family…. He got together with the others and told them the plan which they agreed. At 7 o'clock, Po went on the hunt for Tigress. Her face is set in stone, and her knuckles were bleeding. Her face cracks and she let out a whimper and Po hugs her tightly. She jerks and he tells her not to move as he picks her up. She curls in his arms, he had never seen her so vulnerable so he just held her closer with s stern face.

Arriving at the place he sets her down carefully and facing her the right way. He had spent all day decorating the noodle shop. Lanterns were everywhere and all the tables were gone but one with chairs surrounding a small home made cake with a small candle. Surrounded by it is the furious five and Master Shifu. The floor had been scrubbed and all the merchandise tucked away. For Tigress. She kisses his cheek quickly without the others noticing and turned to them, while Po touched his hot cheek and felt his heart hammer.

Chapter 5 is here! Warning to everyone before they click the link: this chapter has smut.

Thank you to those who reviewed last chapter. I will make time to actually respond to the reviews this weekend after I see the new Star Wars film! All of you have been great, especially Wickedgreenphantom. Ten points to whoever recognises what movie this scene is from :P. Posts Archive. Are you changing at all?

Here are 5 Dramione fics that will make you sob like a baby: 1. There are great fanfic out there. Alot of sesshomaru X kagome tho.

Judyxnick stories

Po looks out the window to see it dark but the cool air is changing for the morning sun. Po watched her, how calm she looks and how strong she is. Po sits on a ledge and thinks, looking at his hands. Her own body temperature had risen but they both shook their he and spent the night together.

Writing fanfiction — judy x nick || jealous

Jack has promised to stay away from Elsa. But a conversation with her has him questioning his decision. See this in the app Show more.